Hildia Cambell '

Those of you who heard Depeche Mode’s 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion' LP or saw the 'Devotional' tour will already be familiar with the soaring gospel voice of Hildia Cambell. She first came to the attention of Alan Wilder when Depeche Mode were looking for singers for the LP and she did such a good job that they took her on the road for 18 months.
Alan never forgot that voice and decided to invite Hildia to appear as a Recoil guest for his 'Unsound Methods' LP. Hildia was responsible for the cold, blues vocals on 'Red River Cargo' and 'Last Breath'.

Since the end of the 'Devotional' tour in 1994, Hildia has been active in her local church choir as well as continuing with her session work. She has also performed in various West End musicals.

This information was compiled and last updated in 1997. We will bring you more details of her work when we receive them.
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