Moby a.k.a. Richard Hall '

provided the vocals for 'Curse' from Recoil’s 1991 LP 'Bloodline'.

Born Richard Hall in New York, Moby acquired his nickname through being the great, great, grand nephew of Moby Dick author Herman Melville. By the time he was fifteen, he became entranced with punk and taught himself to play guitar before drifting through a succession of bands such as speed metallers The Vatican Commandos and art rockers Ultra Vivid Scene.
It was at the close of the '80's however, with the dawning of acid house, that Moby found his true calling as a DJ, remixer and electronic musician. Through a combination of the success of 'Go' (his first hit single) and his charged live performances, he became a prominent figure in Dance music on both sides of the Atlantic.

In typically perverse fashion, having already released his debut album 'Everything Is Wrong', Moby was already growing tired of dance music and his next creation, the incendiary punk rock 'Animal Rights' album was to prove the most controversial move of his career, dividing fans and seeing him tagged as a "dance traitor".

'I Like To Score', featuring twelve tracks of Moby's film music, old and new, showcased his diverse range of musical tastes and influences. Released in 1997, it included a 're-version' of the James Bond theme.

More recently, Moby has collaborated with The Butthole Surfers for a track on the 'Spawn' soundtrack, has provided the complete score for the new Joel Silver movie 'Double Tap' and has worked with Heather Nova on a version of 'Straight To Hell' for a Clash tribute album.

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