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Siobhan Lynch sings on two tracks from the 1997 Recoil LP, 'Unsound Methods' - ‘Drifting’ and ‘Missing Piece’. Born and raised in South London, she eventually moved to Nottingham. Dismissed as "rubbish" by her art teacher, she gave up her aspirations to become a painter and took up singing instead, experimenting with differing musical styles before recording her own demo tape.
On becoming involved with Recoil, Siobhan explains:

I first met Alan Wilder when John Chapman at Island sent my demo to him. I rang Alan who explained everything and then sent me some ‘work in progress’ on a DAT. I thought the music was lush and lovely so I wrote some words and sent it back to him on the same tape. When Alan was ready, I popped down to his pad for a few days, stuck down a take or two then got raging drunk - you know how it is!
And what’s he like to work with?

He’s very fast. He’s psychic and laidback!
We also asked Siobhan if she could tell us an interesting anecdote or story about Alan, professional or otherwise. She replied:
We (myself and some friends) stopped by his house after a camping trip recently - 4 days of rain, slugs and soggy buns. We all piled into his house, trampled our filth everywhere and got very drunk - do you see a pattern forming here? Alan produced a tub of Hagen Daas ice cream just for me and that was enough - I went to bed and fell into a coma. Then I woke up at 4am to hear Alan and my mate Beth playing ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ on the piano and violin - very badly indeed and very drunkenly, like they should have gone to bed hours ago! When I woke up the next morning, Beth came running into the bedroom screaming "Di’s dead! She’s dead!" - so we all had a most entertaining morning over breakfast and telly - laughing and bandying about our conspiracy theories. Not so much an anecdote, as a pleasant memory, really.
Siobhan lists some of her favourite artists as: Sonic Youth, Little Annie, Patti Smith, The Spice Girls, Radiohead, P. J Harvey, Daft Punk, Beck, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Dr John and Moondog Junior.

She also cites 'Luscious Apparatus' as her favourite Recoil track.

This interview was conducted and last updated in 1997. Keep an eye on this page for when we have more information on Siobhan.
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