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The Official Recoil / Alan Wilder Mailing List.

For serious discussion, interesting gossip, amusing banter or complete silliness with other Recoil fans, why not join SHUNT, the only Recoil / Alan Wilder mailing list that allows unrestricted freedom of speech. There are no rules or regulations so be aware that due to the uncensored nature of this list, some of the content may be offensive. If you do not wish to be offended, please do NOT subscribe. Alan Wilder and Recoil accepts NO responsibility for the nature of the posts to this mailing list. It is rumoured that Alan is actually subscribed so be careful what you write!

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An Unofficial Alan Wilder / Recoil Mailing List.

For a more established mailing list devoted to Recoil fans, you could also join Faith. Be aware that this list has certain rules and conditions. Those posts which contravene the rules are liable to be withheld, with persistent offenders risking removal from the list. Archives are also available. Word has it that Alan is also subscribed to this list.

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Hier habt Ihr die Möglichkeit, Euch in die Black Box Datenbank anzumelden. Eure Adressen werden nicht an Dritte weitergegeben! Ihr erhaltet dann regelmäßig Post, wenn Black Box updatet und könnt so neuste Entwicklungen von Recoil verfolgen. Black Box ist die deutsche Recoil Website, die komplett auf der offiziellen Shunt Website beruht.

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Set up by Oliver Thiede and moderated by Sven Frei for Black Box, this Recoil forum in English is now online. Select the link below:

Black Box Recoil forum


Created by Gilles Braz for Recoiline, a selection of English and French forums dedicated to Recoil have been set up. Select the link below:

Recoiline / French Chrome forums


The Electrogarden Network hosts a Bands Central Forum and they have set up a special Recoil section. It's a place for Recoil fans to talk about the music and introduce it to others who may not be familiar with Alan's work. The Electrogarden Network expects to have around 5000 members by the end of this year. To join, select the link below:

The Electrogarden Network


Set up by Lara Quaranta, there now exists an Italian language chat list for Recoil fans.

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Set up by Chris Escarcega ce@fellate-me.com

Shuntania is an online chat room for Recoil fans that looks quite intriguing.

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Alan is always pleased to receive letters and demos from fans but at present he is very busy working on the new Recoil LP and will not be replying to fan mail until further notice. You can contact the Shunt Staff at the usual address if you have any general enquiries but messages will not be passed on to Alan (except in special circumstances). Thank you for your patience.

The Shunt Staff