April 2002
Jason B. started off the fair month of April by noting his new car purchase to the list and the role Recoil played; that is to say, being the first CD played in the aforementioned automobile. Kristina Moodie talked about her new house and how Recoil was -not- played first there. And to think she calls herself a Recoil fan.
Paul posted an interview with Alan circa 1983 and Ruslan notified all of a new Recoil website <>. Chris pondered why Wings sucked so bad while Micah and Jenjen cut their hair with mixed results. Speaking of hair, Moodie's hair got in her food and Tiff (an overweight newbie) dropped by only to be berated for her 'plus size' ways and waist which eventually drove her off-list, as far... as I can tell.
Slick returned to the list only to complain about the lack of conversation to be had whilst Shanecakes and Jason B. talked 'Panic Room', opening credits, and how much Recoil really needed to be in that movie (the Tongue Petals team of trained monkeys concurs).
Duck talked Skittles and Beer, Lavey dropped some science and Chris got the gear heads in a froth with his "Build me a studio" challenge. Sadly this month, Frank Tovey of Fad Gadget passed away in his home due to an apparent stroke. He will be missed.
Turns out Raven wants to resurrect the novel as an art form and J. Christian talked 'freeballin' - not to be confused of course with the Tom Petty song of similar rhyming scheme. Bernard, for the enjoyment of all, sent a "Belgians only" e-mail to the list, Miquel broke off with and Laura talked menstrual cycles and grossed out everyone. Ick.
E.V. talked Pet Shop Boys, Brian talked Nitzer Ebb (specifically Alan's role producing the band's work) while Shaun pondered what good ole Douglas-the- Depraved was up to. Henrik talked bukkake (double ick!), Jenjen tried on-topic conversation and Micah posted in question form for a while?
Late in the month came news that Curve are releasing another new album. Julz and Jason B. saw Nick Cave in Montreal (and gave glowing reviews) while Ruslan and Oleg talked some kgiebwiuodfsdvsdvsuudhwpokew - and it was fascinating - prompting Yann to comment on the ever-decreasing intellect level on this list.

This month, we complained. Observe:

Posts lamenting the passing of Frank Tovey - 29
Posts lamenting my editorial abilities - 12
Posts lamenting moving - 8
Posts lamenting Tiff's weight problem - 8
Posts arguing short hair vs. long hair - 7
Posts wondering if Alan will be working on Dave's solo album - 14
Posts regarding Freeballin' a.k.a. going commando - 5

Out of 360 total posts this month, damn near 90 mentioned Alan Wilder or Recoil... not bad.

Quote Of The Month:

goes to Raven Floyd. When Jonathan Park read far too much into the rumours of Alan and Dave working together and busted out with the dumbest thing said on-list this month: "Depeche Mode is back!", Raven deftly countered with:
"Kill it."
This month we end Tongue Petals with a prayer:

Dear Lord, if thou art in Heaven, please bringeth unto us some new Recoil, so that we sinners may bask once more in the glory of yon Wilder, and may find interesting things to talk about again. Thanks.

Yer pal,
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe