April 1999
Oh, spring in the States! The glorious scent of new flowers wafting through the breeze, the icy chill from out of nowhere, the gentle rains, the torrid snows, the hail of bullets. I'll bet you don't want to live in Ameh-ree-kah any more, Rita Moreno.
Despite all the schizo weather and behaviour, Shunt remained as spectacularly schizo as ever. My notes say things like "domestic breeding", porn, "jive stalker", porn, "my little girl shaves pubes", porn, "Canada rules world", porn, etc. On Shunt, one porn discussion blurs into another. Let's just call it 'Subject of the Year', shall we?
Limited to this month alone were topics such as herbal aphrodisiacs (Yellowox, KJ, SR), panties (Cybele, Summer, KJ), ejaculation (Micah, Joe), midgets (Michael and KJ) and various other unsavoury topics involving yes, KJ as usual and just about everyone else . All this can't help but lead one to assume that, even though KJ insists she's unemployed, it sure looks like she runs a good ole' fashioned Nevada fetish brothel with Cybele and Micah.
On the Recoil tip (eh hem, got caught up in the vibe, so to speak), Dusty asked how much we would all pay for new Recoil, Jennifer Jordan asked whom we would stalk, Zoodles asked how we would describe Recoil to someone living in a cave and Jenna suggested that 'Hydrology' was cute.
Zoodles and KJ found spirituality on 'Unsound Methods', everybody cackled at Alan's loaf hair formula from March Q & A and Richard found a dubious photo of Alan with a beard I know he must have stolen from the set of 'Fiddler On The Roof'. "When he was in D-M, yadda yadda yadda daddum daddum dadadada..." ooops, sorry.
Speaking of musicals, this month's musical discussion went back to the Beautiful South, picked on country, and erupted over Underworld's US tour.
Micah, Dusty, KJ and SR debated whether Tricky sucks now, Edie asked about Razormaid and Dusty had questions over CD length. Henrik ran through the pros & cons of giving music reviews and Hunter, Glenda and Micah waxed nostalgic for Johnny Cash. Ben and Anton talked about separate times they met Marilyn Manson, Shane defended selling-out and synths were discussed by MXR, Anton, Shane, and Micah.
Many weighty subjects (no, not Oprah) were lobbed like Sampras serves into the Shunt fray this month. There were so many players on the court that I can't even list them, so I'll just touch on the subjects. Particularly stimulating were debates on the "superiority" of America, the definition of art, the value of money and the shooting in Littleton, Colorado. Alexandra asked for the meaning of life and Kristina pondered icons. Most relevant in today's world however, was the fervent and heated discussion regarding Daylight Saving Time, to which Duck and Dusty it seems, are vehemently opposed.
Less involving topics included the film 'Matrix', touted by Brian H. and Ben as the best thing ever. Also covered was Edward Gorey, Shuntsters' favourite websites, Milosovic, the death penalty, health care, the millennium, the disqualification of a single mother from the Miss UK pageant, BMWs and demon possession. A Shunt writers' list was also established, as well as an attempt to 'group dream' by the nuttier nougat globs in our Shunt box of chocolates.
Most promising discussion for our year anniversary in May? Physics and the validity of, brought to you by Cybele, KJ, Michael, Lesley, and Sus. Get involved and you too can be a Shunt Nerd, or Sh-nurd.
In fact, our Quote Of The Month comes from new Shnurd Michael, who assured us:

"Sure, it's fun to think we popped the earth's cherry ourselves but there's no proof."
Until next month, you've been tongued by:
Mike Daniella
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe
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