February 2000
February is the month of Valentines, cherry red teddies with marabou trim, candy and, apparently, the time to review 'Liquid' if you were lucky enough to get a promotional copy. Even Shuntsters' ice cold hearts seemed to melt when a little hot Liquid was applied...
...though the month began on a, well, inorganic note. After Jeff discovered Fletch's true Depeche role in an Alan interview, everybody read Q&A, booed, and bellowed. Fox Puppy discovered that Alan is human although Farhan claims to have created Alan for his own sordid weird purposes. Mark was horrified that the Spice Girls got a life time achievement award and Farhan urged everyone to vote for the DM edition of VH1's 'Behind The Music' at
Bernard gently reviewed 'Liquid' while KJ nearly wrote a full length screen play describing the new album. Mark found 'Liquid' promos on Ebay and Neil spotted the 'Liquid' cover on the revamped Shunt site.
Ben and KJ admired Samantha Coerbell immensely while the whole promo-hearin' section of the list had high praise for 'Strange Hours'. Rich Berry put up the Recoil promo pages while Dusty discovered the Recoil blurb on, kind of. Dusty was also finally convinced of the Alan Wilder/David Duchovny likeness and Jen Jordan reported her Sam Coerbell dream again.
Anu saw 'Strange Hours' on MTV's 'Alternative Nation', Ken's listening party gathered momentum, plugs and jealousy, Julie praised Diamanda Galás (is it redundant of me to note that?) and Laura praised the new look of the Shunt site. Aaron mentioned Alan's work on the new Curve album and all became excited. Mark searched for 'Unsound' radio edits and showed us where to download an Alan interview. Laura enjoyed the 'Vertigen' clip while Chris enjoyed Hepzibah in a naughty way.
Joe made more Recoil wallpaper, Demo made a Hungarian Recoil site (leading to a hilarious discussion of the translation of various black American terms) and KJ broke down how to introduce various people to Recoil. LaVey got excited about the 'Strange Hours' video while Farhan discovered the remix of 'Black Box' located within. KJ announced that Charliecon 2000: Red River Rampage will be held July 22. Check Shunt for details.
Fabe considered throwing an east coast Recoil bash and began work on a new comic for 'Liquid'. Duck posted a remarkably familiar Alan interview from the new issue of 'Lexicon' and PK defended Nicole Blackman's poetry while LaVey just tried to get on her. LaVey also discussed how 'Liquid' grows on the listener and what our favourites moments on the album are. KJ asked about everyone's 'Liquid' procuring plans while CMoby asked whether many on the list knew Alan without the benefit of Depeche Mode fandom.
Speaking of fandom, the Cure were a hot topic this month as was David Lynch and symbolism therein. Jen and Emily ate Necco hearts (hey, so did I!) while Kristina and others took the Sparks Bitch Test. Naturally, Shuntese have high bitch quotients. Dusty asked about compensation for creativity, Mark turned it into a free information rant and Ben and Emily took it where no nerd has gone before. Laura discussed Finnish flag burning but strangely, no Finns responded.
Quote Of The month, though I tore my hair trying to give it to Fox Puppy, goes to Scott Barker for this little non sequitur that made me spit beer at my monitor:

"I see you are both a bitch and a slut."

I guess bitch/slut of the month goes to Ken Gerleve? That's a damned fine way to follow 'Fan of Month' I reckon!
Until next month, you've been tongued by,
Mike Daniella
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe