February 2002
As you may or may not remember, at the end of January, the list was ablaze with a rousing conversation regarding someone getting caught having sex with a goat. It spilled, thank heavens, into February as well. And like gentle rain from above, Zina played the voice of reason by asking what undoubtedly was playing on the minds of all: How is it possible to tell whether or not the goat was having a good time? Survey says: Zina is a lunatic.
Julie Finley - no stranger to lunacy herself - celebrated a birthday this month as did the mighty Duck, Lesley Hoenig and Brian (who turned thir... thir... thirt... well, old enough to be forced to take down his Depeche Mode posters and hang up some respectable grown up art). Raven and Kristina Moodie discussed which alcoholic beverage makes the best breakfast while Ben Williams corrected some spelling and got hassled by an easily offended list member attempting to stir up some stink and toss it in the direction of our esteemed good friend.
Oliver Thiede tossed a couple of (alleged, ed.) Curve w/ Alan samples up on and Anton posted the line-up for this year's Coachella festival. Duck and Scott attended both the Olympics and N*Sync concert together and were later spotted ransacking Lance Bass' tour bus for alcohol. Sadly, the members of N*Sync are good Christian boys and none was found. Duck was however able to locate half a kilogram or so of cocaine, which he promptly lost after "just setting it down for a moment".
Micah mistook a Star Wars quote for a Calvin + Hobbes and immediately had the smack placed upon him by the geek brigade. Laura Ahonen made a ploy for intelligentsia street cred with her purchase of Catch-22. The ploy counted for naught when it was revealed she wasn't reading the book but rather pretending it was her lesbian lover while whispering sweet nothings to it and propositioning it for hand jobs whenever anyone else is around.
Jason B. sent a momentary tremor of terror through the list when he warned us all that he might be suffering from 'mono' and that we may have all contracted it through either reading, replying to or deleting his e-mails, or systematically licking all the doorknobs in his house. Just as TP correspondent Sebastian K. felt his glands begin to swell in a most disheartening way, it was revealed that it was all a false alarm.
By mid-month our amorous thoughts had turned, hopefully, from hooved barnyard friends to Valentine's Day on which TP correspondent Sebastian K. spent nearly a week's salary on a mere two dozen half dead roses. The glands of Sebastian K. however do remain swollen and there is no known cause for this.
The difficulty of The Great Shunt Pop Quiz anagram was again brought up and it was learned Robots can serve you liquor - now our lives can be like a Kraftwerk video. Chris and Simon talked indie rock whilst Yann talked Dead Can Dance and, in semi Recoil-related news, whether or not Alan will be appearing on Dave's upcoming solo LP was also questioned this month.
Finally, Rebecca did some sample spotting and discovered that it's actually a man that 'wants his freedom now' in 'Red River Cargo', not a woman as it sounds.

Here is this month's statistical rundown:

Mentions of Wang Chung - 4
Posts pleading to be unsubbed... as if anyone is listening - 2
Posts re: robots 'servicing' humans - 5
Birthday well wishings for Julie - 8
Birthday posts for Duck - 7
Passing mentions of PK - 1
Posts re: Mono - 9
Posts re: Ben Williams' wanton abusiveness - 12
Posts re: Depeche Mode's live TV special - 13

All in all, out of 284, merely 41 managed to mention Recoil

Quote Of The Month:

goes to Raven who just barely saved us from being 'quote of the month-less' when, at month's end, she invited Ben Williams to:
"Wang Chung -this- motherfucker."

As always,
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe