February 2003
Ben Williams started off February by giving his personal account of experiencing the sound of the space shuttle exploding and Michael LaVey started a campaign to stop Julie Finley from viewing web sites which may cause her to foam at the mouth - a most honourable pursuit. Tara advised Raven to "no fumar la ganja pipa por favor", Paul sent further Radiohead bootlegs to the list, Objet took offence at the stereotyping of his Hispanic brethren in Vanity Fair magazine and sent an e-mail petition to the list.
In an attempt to put things in perspective, Jason B responded that Canadians get made fun of all the time and that "los vatos locos" should turn down the Lighter Shade of Brown, stop bouncing in their '64s and get a thicker skin, mang.
Jen Jordan lamented the quality of the links being posted to the list and this month 'As Slow As Possible' by John Cage began being performed in Halberstadt, Germany. Barring total annihilation of all life on earth in the next, oh we don't know, say MONTH or so, the song is designed to play for the next 639 years.
Steve recommended the new Conjure One, Micah claimed no good IDM records have been made in the last three years, and Ruslan pimped his teenage lesbian countrywomen T.A.T.U. while Raven questioned the validity of their alleged lesbianism. Ben approved of the wet t-shirt video and Kristina was amused by the outcry against two underage girls tongue kissing in the rain.
News came early this month that Martin Gore will be releasing the second edition in his 'Counterfeit' series of cover albums. This news was met with predictable mixed feelings with some members expressing grave reservation over he-of-the-leather-skirts choices and the quality of the remakes, while others still professed an appreciation for the understated subtly and stark beauty (or something) of the initial 'Counterfeit'.
Rudi expressed his love for the new(ish) Aphex Twin, Julie expressed her (surprise!) love for the new Nick Cave and Ben tried to pay Ozan to kill himself. Ozan, while admittedly in need of some extra cash since being fired from "job" drinking out of public toilets, sadly declined. Zina managed to bring in a tad of Recoil content wondering when the new jams will drop, Shaun, in an interesting and hypocritical anti-war statement, recommended carpet bombing the entire non-European world. Henrik thinks the United States deserved the terrorist attacks on September 11, Conor tried to provide some Irish perspective on terrorism, Kristina advised anti-war activities and JT used Alan's near-miss with military aircraft as an argument for the disarmament of England. The list quickly descended into vile threats and semantic acrobatics by nearly all members. Foul business all around.
Paul O'Neill introduced himself with a courteous e-mail detailing his love for Recoil and Alan's work with Depeche Mode. He discussed with Shaun which songs are the skippable songs on 'Violator' ('Blue Dress' seems the consensus in that regard) and 'Songs of Faith and Devotion' ('Get Right With Me' gets no love) with Steven going so far as hacking the 'Blue Dress' audio file in half so as to facilitate the separation of the Interlude and then re-burning 'Violator' sans the offensive track.
The list traded insomnia-kicking suggestions ranging from masturbation to marijuana, Raven elucidated the furious inbreeding of the old school Shunt; remarking on their apparent propensity to have sex with each other, and Paul discussed the quality of various unofficial Depeche Mode remix albums.
Duck, poor, poor Duck, took the brunt of Ozan's e-idiocy this month trying to assist Ben, Laura and pretty much everyone else who posts with any frequency in ridding the list of the aforementioned idiocy. Kim heard the new Massive Attack and gave the big thumbs down to the copy protection on the disc, Ben stood up for the rights of the artists to protect their intellectual property and like the crafty bitch that he is, Henrik offered ways to circumvent the aforementioned copy protection. Steve pointed out that the record companies have managed to violate our rights as consumers by cleverly not adhering to the industry specs of compact discs, Objet objected to the industry-sanctioned mp3 delivery systems and advised artists to enhance the marketability of their wares by including multimedia material and lowering the cost of their albums. Avast ye music pirates!
JT wondered what the genre and whatnot of Dave Gahan's solo project would be and Paul delivered directly from MTV song titles and hints that the Depeche Mode synth-based sound would remain intact. Donna offered to be the bearer of a list members seed, and Great White set some of their fans on fire.

Here is February's statistical breakdown:

Teenage Russian Lesbian Singing Sensations - 10
Martin's 'Counterfeit' Part Deux - 63
The Ethics of MP3ing – 47
The Ubiquity of the 'Violator' font – 5
The Wicked, Wicked West – 45
The continuing progress of the David Gahan solo project – 6
The new Massive Attack album and the extracurricular activities of it's band members- 36

This month 78 of the 384 messages posted to the list managed to mention

Quote Of The Month

After 30 days so brimful of charged conversations, accusations and infighting, we here at Tongue Petals Central once again turn to Chris for words of wisdom in this, Shunt's time of need. Pardon our francais here, but it's an emotional subject these days:
"Fuck terrorists and fuck bureaucrats."
As always:
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe