January 2000
This month was the sort that Shunt list deserters dream about - a month where no one could talk of anything except Recoil. The impending release of 'Liquid' has Shuntese quaking with ecstasy and desire while lucky European types have been listening to the album and hobnobbing with Mr. Wilder in total abandon.
Fabe was the first to report hearing 'Liquid', followed by Adrian who sussed out bits at a Depeche Mode party. Henrik met Alan in Stockholm while Marco interviewed him in Germany. Fret not faithful readers, old Mike will have his chance when Uncle Chuck drops by NYC soon.
Laura heard 'Chrome' on Finnish radio (now how's about some airplay in America, huh?) while Shuntsters rabidly discussed Alan's idea for a Recoil film. KJ wondered what had happened to Top Ten and soon new, tantalizing titbits of information appeared. Marco posted the hilarious Paris Wilder editorial about Mummy and Daddy's New Year's party and Jonathan Ogilvie Dourish had the humorous audacity to question my knowledge regarding Recoil samples. Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Dourish, but I answer to a higher authority, and no, it's not Yahweh.
Nicole praised Alan and PK, stating that her work on 'Liquid' is the best she's ever done and I'm inclined to believe her. All the septics (myself included) wondered what in the hell was a Lada and why was Alan ashamed to have owned one? Farhan wanted to plug Recoil on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' which led to some funny and ultimately tiresome commentary from the peanut gallery.
Alison posted "black box" humour while Micah got all pernickety about the samples from 'Liquid'. Nicole revealed how she writes to music while Ken planned a 'Liquid' release party in Chicago worthy of Super Devoted Fan status! Anton in L.A. received a 'Liquid' promo, hence dashing all my beliefs that God is fair.
PK spoke to the group a bit about Flood, posting later in order to tease American chocolate fans and Nicole alike. KJ told Shuntlettes to be more like Hep and FoxPuppy and others made bizarre assumptions about David Gahan's life. Jenna asked how to be an insomniac (ah, the carefree joys of youth) and LaVey detested Californians.
FoxPuppy came down with the pox (ok, so not all the moments of youth are carefree) and listed his favourite albums, leading to a discussion of Toad My Wet Rocket...AGAIN. Spoken word divas were discussed, Stephanie played with anagrams and all the Shnurds trainspotted hi-hats. HI-HATS. A roaring debate over hi-hats in various Mode songs ensued. I smiled, remembering that I have a life.
Speaking of no lives, Ubaldi and Duck then started discussing 'Star Wars' sound samples which lead to the ever relevant theory that if Alan had seen the first 3 movies before 'Phantom Menace', he would have appreciated it better. Other Shnurds agreed. A total non-Shnurd, Hope, used Recoil at her fetish ball, 'Wet'. She then described the events for us in graphic detail. Jenna wondered about the use of spirituals on 'Unsound', Rachel noted Alan's seeming proclivity toward things Virginian and Garth reported a 'Strange Hours' video sighting on MTV!
In Charliecon news, Ben cancelled his widely anticipated Austin party for reasons as yet undisclosed. KJ announced the Red River Rampage, her second Charliecon but first in the wilderness as a sort of Recoil Retreat. Sign up at DJ Objet got into the spirit by announcing a possible North Carolina shindig. Stay here to keep posted on these events and any web addresses with more information.
Quote Of The month goes to Kristina Moodie, who made me smile with the following:

"Geekism is the new black or something, or is that too"

I wanted to put yet another FoxPuppyism, but it was too racy for Alan's mum.
Keep sitting on your hands and begging your European friends for tapes of their 'Liquid' promos.
Until next month, you've been tongued by,
Mike Daniella
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe