January 2003
Jason B started off 2003 with foul-mouthed New Year's greetings while Micah fired up a record label. Please see for more info on the rock power. Ben Williams bought a Fairlight; a piece of sampling history to be seen in the likes of Duran Duran's 'Arena' video, and J. Christian Guerrero had thoughts on the subject not to mention a software-based alternative.
Dr. LaVey also added some suggestions for potential sampling software as well as ideas on cocktails for recreational drug use. Apparently a 750mg methadone and a 40oz can be a ticket to bliss. Or a coma. Either way, it's a good time. Jason B asked the list for assistance locating "easter eggs" on the 'Memento' DVD and Brian and Jonathan were more than happy to break off the info.
LaVey also initiated a creative roll call and it turns out he has started a production company. Objet is applying for grad. school and strengthening his synthesizer arsenal, Ben Williams re-ignited the flames of creativity by deciding to eliminate (with some egging on by Jen and the Doctor) his guitar player.
Mr Williams also chastised kiddie-porn enthusiast Pete Townsend (Gross!) for his freak-nasty kink. Continuing the creative run down, Henrik DJ's and continues his work as a graphic designer, Jonathan Park is directing shows in New York City and Chris, in a creative business venture, offered the services of his hit-man brother to the list.
Simon abandoned one musical project for the (hopefully) green pastures of another, Raven is giving readings throughout the Midwest (keep an eye out for Bob's Big Boy parking lots brimful of pale-skinned angry youth), Kim continued to expand his studio set-up to the detriment of his creativity while Steve turned out a Yazoo cover or two and rescued Kristina Moodie's DM signed sampler from its state of disrepair.
Also this month, Kim tried to lose seven kilos of baby fat while LaVey tried to find the seven kilos of cocaine he lost, Laura dismissed the gear speak while Jason B sent the African-American name generator and wished Alan could have scored 'The Matrix' (Really? We were thinking more along the lines of 'Solaris' or 'Trouble Every Day'). In addition to proposing, we hit the bong a couple of times to do the 'Dark Side of the Moon'/ 'Wizard of Oz' synchronized viewing-listening with 'Unsound Methods' and 'The Matrix'. Don't forget your lava lamp!
Due to an influx of porn solicitations, Shunt has now become an approval-based subscription list. The Shunt Administrators will approve list members on an individual basis. Late in the month, Objet pimped Japanese hip hop and Dr LaVey, Ben and Kim discussed which post-Alan Depeche Mode songs were at least listenable. Turns out not too many.

Here is this month's statistical rundown:

Creative roll call – 47
Synthesizers and associated geekery – 9
Post-Alan coolness from Depeche Mode? – 26
Nefarious activities of Pete Townsend and Gary Glitter – 5

out of 180 posts managed to mention Recoil or Alan in some manner.

Quote Of The Month

goes to Chris who responded to Jen Jen's gentle ribbing that while he and his hit-man brother are indeed a criminal force to be reckoned with, they lack a sister to pimp and thus become an unstoppable trio, with the following:
"I have a half-sister, and if that ho lived any closer I'd grab her by that nappy weave and turn her out, bet."
Please note: Any future applicants for the esteemed Quote of the Month prize may wish to include the phrase "nappy weave".

As always:
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe