January 1999
The first part of my new year had been plagued by a number of irritations including (but not limited to) e-mail and liver failure. I suspect it may have had something to do with the vodka-induced stupor I'd been living in since New Year's Eve. Now it's come to my attention that either my condition is contagious through Listserv or the rest of Shunt has a similar lifestyle to mine.
For the first half of the month, posts were down and topics meandered quite a bit with just Joe, Kelly Marie and assorted others mustering the strength to go on about synths and keyboards for nearly a week. Then, mid-month, I made a visit to the site after Kat mentioned that the intro page had a new look and new copy, and for once, I was not going to be the last one to see it. Beneath a sharp new graphic, it read:

"Brooding, provocative, tough and disarming, it has more atmospherics than a chemical spillage in the Channel Tunnel and is just as dramatic."

Someone tell me how these people manage to maintain a webpage and work on a new album? I can barely hold down a job, for Christ's sake.
I don't know if it was the new activity on the page but the list came back to life. Cinema was a big theme this month with nearly all the regular posters contributing a 'best of' list. Most of the titles were art house films - J. Christian pointed out that Shunters were "exotic yet homogenised", Gary Oldman and Tim Roth were cast in Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot' and Shunt collectively lusted for Gary (whose list is this, again?) and Sherilyn Fenn. Henry translated Jive for Hunter and Dusty defended golden showers.
January proved that vinyl is king on Shunt, judging by how long the thread stayed coherent. In spite of veering dangerously close to the analogue vs. digital debate, it managed to squeeze past before any tight-arsed audiophiles started wailing.
YellowOx guessed at 'Red River Cargo' samples and confessed that 'Unsound Methods' didn't click right away and was quickly followed by Hunter who stepped up and confessed to the same. Laerm did some trainspotting as well, joined by J. Christian.

There was a surplus of surreal threads, and the non-sequiteurs fell like manna from the sky. For instance, James somehow twisted an angel reference into a 'Jimmy the Saint' name-check and Vi one-offed one of her own with a bizarre foreskin replacement thread. You people live in a magical land...

Of course, there was the odd obligatory scuffle and plenty of ego-nursing per. usual though strangely enough, Ben
wasn't even around to enjoy it.

[Whatsa matter, Williams......chicken? (Ed.)]
Quote Of The Month:

J. Christian puts the hurt on any John Hughes-inspired high school nostalgia that may still be lurking about, in referring to his old Radio shack DJ rig:
"...there were 13 of the cheapest-ass bedroom speakers on the planet all daisy-chained up to one hefty, wood-panelled Harman Kardon Quadraphonic tuner/amplifier... I will never forget the time when I was DJ'ing a school dance with said gear when one of the speakers caught fire & I only noticed when a kid walked up and said "Cool, when did you get the fog machine?"
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