July 2002
Tove started the month off by taunting Laura Ahonen and, as far as the Tongue Petals team of trained monkeys can figure out, was attempting to lay down some primitive form of 'the Mack'. It was, even by primate standards, quite an amazing display of social retardation.
Raven stopped by to bad mouth unsuspecting passers-by and disappear. Yann talked smack about yo mama and Jen Jordan used implements of eatery to inflict confusion upon the easily confused - most unfortunately (prone to speak in song lyric metaphors) Tove. Laura, who has apparently taken it upon herself to do so, noted Tongue Petals appearance online. Her failure to 'casually' mention her alleged lesbianism was spotted by the ever-eagle-eyed Dr. LaVey.
Joe gave a nice demonstration of ill conceived e-love gone sour, stopping by to talk some doo about Raven... which is in itself an admirable exploit seeing as how Miss Floyd is by all accounts a crazy, crazy bitch.
Kristina Moodie talked anorexia camps and Ally McBeal while Laura Ahonen posted the 'official' notice that Alan should put out another Recoil album. The need for a new album, or at least mention of POTENTIALLY some time in the foreseeable future maybe kinda sorta making something in the studio, has reached a fever pitch. Interestingly enough, only one person this month mentioned any desire to hear new Recoil material. Thank you Rudi for managing to bring up Recoil. You are our new best friend.
Shaun talked smack about Moby's falsely earned street cred and some people who are smart flexed their educations and debated the racial origin of Ulysses or it is Odysseus? - we should ask the smart kids! Henrik was kind enough to bring up the sublime creation that is Pan Sonic's mix of 'Shunt' while Paul vouched for Haujobb live. Raven revealed she's been saving e-mails from Shunt from as far back as 1999. (Please reference the above mention of her lunacy. Thank you.)
Ben Williams gave the big thumbs down to the new Depeche Mode live DVD and Pilaf wondered whatever happened to Siobhan Lynch? JenJen tried hard, oh so hard, to have intelligent and engaging conversations about books and music and cinema just to have Michael LaVey and Chris respond by co-ordinating their drug ingestion schedules. Also this month, there were some conflicting reports from various Finns and Hungarians about what exactly the hell kind of language Finnish is anyways. That the Finns themselves do not know does not bode well for quick resolution.

Swimming upstream through the drug haze, J Christian Guerrero talked high brow about some authors and pimped some others while PK stopped by to bask in the glow of adoration and offer suggestions for Shunt's book of the month club.

This month we are without a Quote of the Month, but here is the statistical rundown:

Mentions of illegal drug usage by list members - 6
Wet cheeked remembrances of FoxPuppy-filled days gone by - 7
Anorexia and friends - 9
Tove laying down the miggity 'mack' - 11
Questions regarding the origin of Finnish - 12
Mentions of Recoil - 110 out of 305
As always,
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe