July 1998
As the hot and sweltering country I live in celebrated its Independence, Shunt celebrated it's 3rd month by being generally heat exhausted. Amazingly, we actually managed to get a lot of interesting talk in while everybody sweltered and moaned.
We began our month dabbling in numerology and animal rights, and petered out with existential angst. Aside from the abstract, we also discussed the forthcoming Depeche Mode tribute album, the 1983 tour bus tapes with Martin and Alan, D.J. Shadow, the films of Greg Araki, where Clinton dips his stick and the evils of Disney and the various tourist spots on the way to Disneyworld.
Did we talk about Recoil? Ur...sort of. Well, we valiantly tried but our sweat-addled brains were too drenched and soggy to properly get around such complex ideas as Hep's solo projects and - dare I acknowledge it - Alan's TEETH? As I said, we tried. Ok, Vi Gahan tried. KJ wrote something called an 'Alan's Piece Theatre' but no amount of imagination was going to prevent the inevitable heat-inspired nastiness of this month. Even newcomer Richard's extremely cool Recoil-related questions flew over our heads. Perhaps next month, when all our blood's thinned a little bit, we can expect more interesting things to ponder from Richard?
Dare I say it...the GRETSCH thread made me wish Martin Gore had a Mac Truck I could buy (just because he had one) to run over everyone involved in that ill-fated morass. The thing that intrigues me about Shunt is the way more people seem offended by the purchase of a guitar than the blasphemous humour presented this month.
Vi, Leslie and others discussed the colour of Jesus, some discussed possible holy drug usage and a few seemed to think Jesus would be a sardonic Sephartic. You have to admire the musical fanaticism of this list, if only because it replaces the religious fascism of normal society.
Anton and Eric occasionally participated in music threads, discussing the fate of industrial music and suggesting bands we might all like. We had a moment of irritation with some random flamers (no, that was not a dig at homosexuals) but like haemorrhoids, the flare-up was short and easily extinguished. The month ended on an upbeat silly note, hitting every subject from Coke vs. Pepsi (I like Sprite myself) to the wearing of rubber pants and gimp masks. Summertime...and the livin' is sleee-zay...
I sincerely believe that we're going to go into August with bright, goofy smiles on our faces, rubber pants on our asses and a throng of new people who promise to give us interesting Recoil-related discussions. Richard, Flavio, Sher and Jenna have participated in the chit-chat with fresh insights, and perhaps Fran and others will come out of their lurkers' lair soon, filled with bright ideas and witty quips.
And my Quote Of The Month? Just to show you how the vibe has turned:

"I haven't had my colonic enema today." - Greg
Keep your shunts clean and my mother out of this!

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