June 2000
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAN! (Hope there wasn't a clown at that party!)
Shunt, as the faithful reader should know by now, is a strange list filled with strange people who keep strange hours and discuss strange topics. Thanks to the passage of Alan's 41st birthday and a Recoil single out, some conversations were actually on topic. And some just paint an interesting profile of the collective Shuntese mindset. If I were an FBI profiler, I'd keep an eye on this lot.
Raven started out the month by asking what everyone got for Alan's birthday. Chris wondered how many units 'Liquid' ha shifted while Mark was surprised to see Pal-Magnus Rhybom in the Oslo editorial photo. Jennifer gave a guide to living in LA and Yann asked who picks Quote Of The Month.
Allow me to be self referential for a moment. Quote Of The Month is merely my cheap attempt to get you guys to say funny, meaningful, pithy things. I generally pick whatever makes me spill or spit out the cocktail I have to sip in order to deal with reading Shunt mail every day. Failing that, occasionally a randy bird and her mildly talented boyfriend might deign to choose from a selection I assemble. And Fox Puppy, your obvious attempts to win my favour yet again are amusing but did not cut the proverbial mustard this time around. In fact, some cut the proverbial cheese.
Moving on: Jason wanted to know if we'd rather have a permanent smile or a permanent erection, Conor told feisty newcomer Judas that Alan's birthday actually IS a national holiday in some places, and the Finns concurred. CMoby wondered if Samantha Coerbell contributed to 'Breath Control' and pointed out that Rosa Torras doesn't get any credit for Vertigen's steamy vocals on his copy of 'Liquid'. Yolanda found a bunch of 'Strange Hours' EPs, generously asking if anyone still needed a copy.
Dusty posted info that Mark Bell is going into the studio with DM, KJ announced the arrival of the Charliecon prizes Alan generously sent, and Henrik wanted to know what the edit of 'Black Box' sounded like. Raven wanted to know how much we'd pay for '1+2' on mint condition vinyl while Ken made a play for a vocalist spot on the next Recoil record.
Ken also got Nicole Blackman's new book while Dusty got 'Strange Hours' played at a local club. Alan thanked everyone for their birthday wishes and Yolanda noted a membership spike. For some reason, most of those people are still subscribed. Maybe because Mr. Wilder himself posted?
Mike Lavey asked what were our favourite albums of the first half of 2000 and Dusty met with Ken to go see The Cure in concert. Insinuations have been made regarding after show activities but nothing's been confirmed. Monica dreamt that Alan had special 007 trousers (anyone care to make a Jungian analysis?) and Cmoby wondered if we like Enigma. Jennifer came up with good songs to listen to when you break it off with someone and Hope tried to imagine William Shatner doing spoken word for Recoil. Rich offered to kill his family to make this a reality, though I will offer to kill Rich's family to prevent this travesty.
Allison remembered the Rose Bowl show documented for all eternity on Depeche Mode's '101' film prompting other Los Angeles denizens to pipe up with recollections of the evening. Ken reported that his Recoil/Einsturzende Neubauten party went well, Audrey complained that she only heard a couple of 'Liquid' tracks played before the Nine Inch Nails show although Margot at least managed to pick up Recoil promo cards when she went. Jonathan Dourish accused Alan of having selective footie memory, and much football talk ensued.
Duck wondered what dog we all were and declared a Shunt dance contest. Hope plans to use 'Vertigen' for S&M while KJ asked everyone to pretend to be a director and describe a film that could use Alan's music as the score. Raven saw Julie selling 'Demonsoul' on E-Bay and Kristina got Shuntese to take a slut test - no comment. Some idiot tried to sell CD-Rs of Recoil to the list and everybody gave him what-for. Ben saw a Digweed show and so did half of Shunt. Ken tried to put together an electronic portfolio and Mark offered advice. Mike Ubaldi mocked Mode fans who don't want outside musicians to help create the next album while Marco posted a Curve page update with new, downloadable material.
Raven, either in a fit of her characteristic tartiness or to score Mikey Points, declared that I was 'tasty' Q asked where to find an 'Edge To Life' MIDI and Luca recommended Brian Molko as a possible Recoil collaborator. Dusty tried (and eventually succeeded) to get one of Shane's E-Lab tracks played at a local club while Allison gave a list of Recoil songs and told us to imagine how we would mix them. Raven cyberpimped for Neil, Conor recalled a tale involving David Gahan threatening to throw Jimmy Somerville out of a window, and KJ's poll revealed that lots of Shuntese would like to hear Alan sing either lead or harmony on his next album. Conor also posted a 90s pop quiz that got Shuntese thinking and Garth posted a summary of Diamanda Galas' stint 'At The Kitchen'.
Subject line of the month goes to KJ Adan, who managed to gross me out with: "Grotesque Oiled Men of Dubious Ethnicity."
Quote Of The Month very deservedly goes to Ben Williams, who said:

"You know, hardly a day goes by where I don't hear about another drunken circus clown abduction story."
Until next month, you've been tongued by,
Mike Daniella
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe