June 2001
Ah! June. At last, sweet beautiful summer is upon us. In the world of Recoil, June began with our dear leader celebrating his birthday and the Shunt website getting another little makeover - this time in the navigation department. A much improved design, many thanks to the Shunt Staff for that.
You can tell it's summer here on Shunt because as the weather heats up, more and more Shuntians are staying inside, firing up the chit-chat with their on-line homies and trying to keep that pasty whiteness thing that Recoil/DM fans seem to adore so.
Speaking of pasty whiteness, KJ and Micah began the month with a ghettorific blast of deep south funk while discussing just HOW ghetto Micah really is while attempting to discuss Outkast. Note to KJ: they may be bro's, possibly brotha's, but brothers they ain't.
KJ also pretended not to want to do another CharlieCon and made humorous notes on some of the exclusive pictures on Vincent Dufrane's great new Recoil fan site:

Shane Etter sent out a little Recoil questionnaire and Ben Williams took personal offence at the mention of Georgia. Ken Gerleve made his search booty a well known fact and Fraz rocked the HTML mail. You should work on getting rid of that, darlin'.
Jason B., Alexandria and Adrian talked Formula 1 while Marco pondered the nature of his alleged lickableness. Laura Ahonen got her bisexuality mixed up in a Recoil-esque tangled web of hermaphrodites, transsexuals and drag queens.
Shane Etter, FoxPuppy and Tony talked Dukes Of Hazzard and Grizzly Adams while Chris "channelled" Zathros. Jen Jordan gave a dissertation on 'alternative' carbonated beverages and Ken Gerleve offered Michael LaVey his, well... er... services, to be polite.
Yann questioned my choice of last month's Quote Of The Month, seeing as how Dieter may or may not have been a 'real' person but, with all the fake identities that show up on this list, who cares! Quote Of The Month goes to whoever happens to tickle my funny bone while I'm compiling Tongue Petals at the end of the month.
Jen Jordan got my vote for Fan Of The Month by adding a post by post rundown of her on-list activity this month. That's a really good idea. You should all start doing that. Like, now.

After a brief absence due to a lack of sufficient topics, here once again is the mighty Shunt Statistical Rundown:

Posts containing lesbian innuendo - 18
Posts containing gay innuendo - 15
Posts containing Menudo - 0
Posts on who is more ghetto than who - 6
Posts containing birthday greetings for Alan - 11
Posts by Jenjen containing a running tally of her posts - 7
Posts on the Canadian rock Gods, Rush - 14
Posts on (or in response to) Shane's Recoil test thingy - 15
Posts on carbonated beverages - 6
Posts on carbon dating - 0
Posts regarding CharlieCon, or the lack there of - 9

Recoil related posts
(this includes all things Alan, including any mention of his name, his band, his wife and his offspring, his friends, his collabs., comments on the lack of Recoil content and lesbians - because if lesbians aren't Recoil content, then I don't know what is) - 432

And to end this month's statistical rundown , one member of Shunt posted a mammoth 153 emails to the list! Now, in case you're keeping track of this kind of thing (which I myself do), that means that out of the 1106 messages during June, on a list containing well over 250 people, one person posted over 1/10th of them!

Congratulations KJ Adan - you are June's 'Loudmouth Of The Month'.

Let's give the other kids a chance to talk, mmmkay?

Quote Of The Month.

And last but not least, this month's award goes to one of the new Southern Belles, Mandy, who summed up the joy and adventure of CharlieCon with the following:
"Wow, sounds like it's going to be a fun time, I would like to partake of a midget now please."
Regrettably, since I will be unable to attend the aforementioned CharlieCon, I can only offer you an alternative service. The following company allows you to rent midgets by the hour, so now you too can have a midget for all your party needs:

Hamburgers? Check. Buns? Check. Beer? Check. Midget? Check.

Now it's a party.
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe