June 1998
The second month of Shunt was like a gigantic birthday party for Mr. Wilder... the kind of birthday party where everybody eats the cake, nobody brings presents, everybody gets drunk on the host's beer and the singing and well-wishing degenerate into bother and blather. It was great!

June 1st
of course brought loads of birthday wishes for Our Man Charlie and He Himself even coaxed our vivacious brood into making big plans for his big 40 next year. Whether Shunters are plotting feverishly we shall never know as conversation rampantly shifted from subject to subject like a teenage girl learning to drive standard - jerky, giggly and frequently.

Shunters are a philosophical, opinionated lot. Megan (who has mysteriously disappeared), Balookey, Ulricha and KJ got into a head-on collision involving Communism until two glorious, long suffering souls (Any and Agent Orange), having spent most of their lives under Communist rule, set us all straight. Thanks, girls.
Agent Orange then proposed the ill-fated Shunt Island while Megan and KJ fought over who got to hump who and of course *I* was never mentioned. I would pout except the five o'clock shadow would slit my lip open. The Birthday Boy was invited to visit his own Island, which I thought was rather sporting.
Everyone who's ever seen 'The Simpsons' mourned the bizarre passing of American actor Phil Hartman. Megan and Agent Orange fought over Mr. Wilder's horses (again, I would pout, but...), KJ invited us to take the Shunt Member Aptitude Test and a few people even talked about music for a while. But when Lucky Luca's mug went up on Alan's Gallery, all the women lost their minds. Hey, if you like Italians and are ever in Manhattan...
We also talked about Depeche Mode, a bit about the 'Unsound' single mixes and about video ideas. Women were slammed to the ground by, strangely enough, women. There was a bit of a fight regarding a female pop star I shall decline to mention (I like my balls to hang in front of my ass, not in front of my house). Duck, Mark, Andrea and others are currently debating Christianity but dammit, it just wouldn't be Shunt without controversy. And considering the uncensored nature of the list, we will continue to test the boundaries of good taste and good sense, much to the joy of everyone involved. Recoil looks into the darkness; why shouldn't Shunt blow it open?

Speaking of blowing things open: Rich is making a Recoil shirt for all we Shunters. One may vote for his designs or those on Acidtest's page. In order to make this project a go, we must all support Rich's efforts and get one, showing the world our interest (if not a bit esoterically) in all things Recoil.

My parting reference is to the occasional fascist remarks made by a certain person regarding the United States' performance in the World Cup Soccer (oh, sorry, FOOTBALL) tournament. Look, I understand we suck but I dare any one of those German or English guys to take up a bat and go against my boys, the Yankees. If they can beat us in baseball, then and only then will I acknowledge their superior sporting abilities. Charlie or no Charlie.
And the Shunt quote of the month, comes from the head coach of the U.S.A. team on the eve of their epic encounter - WW2: The sequel...

"Teeeeeam U.S.A. - we're gonna confuse the Germans..."
See you in July. Until then new members, stop drifting like Red River Cargo and get your blood on the line - then I can talk about you and your witty repartee too. You've been tongued by:
Mike Daniella
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe
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