March 2000
We all knew March would be madness. What with 'Liquid' hitting Europe at the beginning of the month and the US at the end, Shuntese had quite a lot to say and never hesitated to say it! Whether you loved 'Liquid' or were confused by it, you would find somebody on Shunt who agreed with you and was willing to shout it out loud. However, a number of Recoil and non-Recoil related topics crept up in between all that hullabaloo, and as it's my job (as Shunt's whipping boy) to keep track of it for you all, here goes:
Ken started the month by posting his release party playlist, Ben waged war on the Brat and KJ asked whether Alan or Martin would win a steel cage match (with various amusing responses submitted). Angela defended fandom while Brian shopped around on the Net for 'Liquid'.
The spine on Joe's promo said 'Recil' instead of Recoil. Despite such errors, Kristina posted's sparkling 'Liquid' review and regaled us with tales of the Brit Awards. Rich posted 'Q' magazine's review while Emily encouraged Shuntsters to write their own reviews for Net-based companies like Amazon and CDNow. Allison noted more planes falling out of the sky since she acquired the LP and Marks accused Shunt staff of withholding his mails - after a little note from The Big Man, he was duly chagrined.
Hardy spotted Alan (and KJ's Shunt Gallery photo) on 'Giga', a German music programme and CMoby asked if we'd made love to 'Breath Control'. LaVey considered Alan's eyebrow adorable while Farhan got two Chicago radio stations to add Recoil to their playlists. Stephanie discovered an unused mystery collaborator in a French Alan interview and Yolanda reviewed the NYC 'Recoil Release Party' (and I am SO glad I didn't go). Inspired, Donna then lamented the 'underground' scene in NYC.
Farhan caught the 'Strange Hours' vid on US MTV while Henrik publicized the Alan interview in 'Groove' magazine. Anton found a Recoil report in 'Future Music' and Ken gave us a report of his 'Liquid' release party in Chicago. He seemed disappointed but I think we should all be proud of the work he put in and the results he DID manage to get!
Of course, 'Liquid' was eventually made available to all and the Shuntese gulped it down like wanderers in this desert of saccharine boy band airplay. This month's reviews of 'Liquid' were submitted by: Jonny Dourish, Julie, Jen Jordan, CMoby, Kim, Modulo, Emily, Donna, Cam and Ken. Maybe April will sprout a few more reactions from folks who couldn't find the album in stores this month.
KJ wanted to cover 'Breath Control' in the style of the French kid from the South Park movie and Kristina 'want'ed to do 'Want' in the style of Orville, dragging Steve down with her. Yolanda caught the play 'CVR', based on transcripts of flight recorders while Kristina had a disturbing Recoil dream. KJ jokingly suggested Gillian Anderson as a future collaborator, while Mark received three copies of 'Liquid' from Mute by mistake, and the techno version of 'Black Box' was discussed.
Stephanie concocted 'Liquid' Cocaine, a rather, eh hem, powerful drink, Jason wrote a 'Liquid' critique for and Anton reviewed the 'Strange Hours' EP. Scott directed us all to Alan's interview with Radio Spy.
Stephanie invented the term 'Liquidsports' and Conor also asked Shuntese about music's effects on their love making. It seems 'Liquid' has spawned a few other liquids over the month of March.......what was that about spring and the mating season again? Alan appears to have picked a good month to launch this very sensual album.
So many fascinating things were said this month that I had to invent several temporary new categories. Quickie One-liner Of The Month goes to Allison, who cleverly said:

"It's just...birth control."

Subject Line Of The Month
goes to Micah and read:

"Robots, bass, space, boo-tay, blips, the Dutch and my ass."
And finally, Quote Of The Month goes to Fox Puppy:

"And God is my Co-Pilot...well, he was but we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him."
We're all going to Hell but at least we'll be listening to 'Liquid' on the trip!

Until next month and Shunt's second year anniversary, you've been tongued by,
Mike Daniella
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe