March 2002
March, March, March... what can be said about March? Not much, and apparently there isn't much to be said in the month of March either seeing as how slow things have gotten on list.
Mooape posted early in the month about how Recoil and Alan's soundscapes helped the Mooape through difficult times. Kristina Moodie got to flex her formidable fame by being spotted in public (for lack of a better term) as the lucky winner of a Depeche Mode contest back in the day.
Yann contributed to a more Alan-centric conversation regarding icy cold vodka and thus was awarded one of the few 'Recoil-related' posts in this month's tally. Polack Mike tried to join in the conversation but was uniformly ignored, as was his brand suggestion of vodka.
Michael Lavey decried the lack of originality on the new Boards of Canada disc and Micah Stupak was once again able to trick his computer into turning on enabling him to access the internet, thus posting to the e-mail list of which he is a member. Exciting, no?
Laura Ahonen threw down with a post in reference to delayed arousal and Jen Jen ran across the whole United States of America twice and then back again, then challenged adversity and maybe made a few friends along the way, coined catch phrases for bumper stickers, became (unbeknownst to her) a leader of a jogging cult and was transformed into a mildly retarded man from Mississippi. She was runn-NING.
Laura Ahonen unwisely questioned the validity of my writing and Kristina Moodie, as per the norm, in a fit of drunken rage also decided to attack the editorial acumen of one Sebastian K. Be warned ladies, you mess with the bull, you get the horns!
Chris posted a link of Morrissey ring tones to listen to in the dark in your room, all alone since no one likes Morrissey fans and hence will not be calling any of them, and crying. Duck and DJ Objet talked Peter Wylie and the unconscionable cost of Vicious Pink albums while word around the campfire is that Dave from Depeche Mode will be doing not only a solo album but also a solo tour to boot.
Speaking of DM, their 'One Night In Paris' live concert was the topic of much derision on-list while concurrently, Paul Lloyd spotted some Recoil music being put to good use in a television show about people performing experiments on dead bodies. Raven at least tried to bring up Recoil a couple of times while Objet searched for reasonably priced on-line storage. Chris lamented the Québécois and planed a move to Portland.
Bernard professed confusion as to why Recoil doesn't sell more records and, at month's end, KJ Adan (absent as is her won't) celebrated a birthday. Micah Stupak came correct all over your back, closing out the month with a warning regarding impending spam thanks to the Yahoo aspect of Yahoogroups. Look, Hawaii...

There really weren't enough varying topics to do the full on statistical rundown, so here instead is the statistical rundown of threads that managed to last longer than one post:

Posts re: Laura Ahonen poking the bear - 3
Posts regarding voting for Synthcon - 6
Posts regarding Depeche Mode's live in Paris TV show - 6
Posts acknowledging KJ's birthday - 4

And finally, 42 out of 118 posts this month managed at least a passing mention of Alan or Recoil

Quote Of The Month:

goes to our hombre from South of the border (who?, ed.) who let fly with the following threat of bodily harm:
"Don't make me stab you, Stupak. I'll do it, mang - I'm Hispanic."
It was the 'mang' that clinched it.

As always,
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe