March 1999
March is known for basketball mania in the States and fertility rites and Spring notions everywhere else. Shunt was certainly maniacal this month, as well as rabbity considering how much chat went on, and how much of it was about sex. If I have to explain the rabbit/sex connection, you're not a real Recoil fan.
So what do Shuntlings rabbit on about when they're not (yet again) discussing Sting's four hour orgasms? Well, of course, all people of good taste (certainly Recoil fans!) were annoyed by the Grammies but the musical discussion didn't stop there. Shunt got gleefully glib over European music fests (reported by Bernard and Alexandra), Dusty Springfield's untimely death, the Stone Roses and Delirium (again!). Lesley, Britta and KJ discussed classical music, Shane asked for everyone's 'musical evolution' and KJ pointed out that everyone started with Abba.
Recoil itself sparked the imaginations of Sabinal (who wondered what songs Alan should cover), Shane (who, along with Kristina, Dominic and Brady) discussed listening to Recoil in airports) and Dominic (who wondered which Recoil song should be playing during his annual suicide attempt).
Continuing in this uplifting and positive Shuntster frame of mind, Dusty, Lesley and Summer complained about religious zealots, Zoodles brought up the Chinese black market and Johann and Bernard exposed all non-Belgians to the Piss Man. This lead to a fascinating discussion on the perceptions we all hold of our own countries - and more importantly, what we think of others.
Happy and open-minded as ever, Britta, Zoodles, Jennifer, KJ, Brady, Kristina, Duck, Megan, Sabinal and Summer got all up in each others faces about under17's on Shunt. At one point, little Jenna found an opening to voice her distinctly under-17 opinion.
The Depeche Mode front was decidedly quiet this month, registering nary a squeak about the VH1 special from Kat and Anton. A site for the ominously named 'Depeche Mode Laboratories' was found and Richard and John discussed the implications.
The lighter side of Shunt is always a pleasure (and, to those who prefer fewer postings, a pain). Discussed this month was fashion (Rick & Kat), the Fletch List (Dusty, proprietor and god), blonde Swedes (YellowOx), breasts (Nation), kickboxing (Kat & KJ), massage (Kat), books (all our resident literature Nazis) and cats (all our favourite Shunt pussies).
Shunt good news included Micah's first published article as well as the prezzies Kat reported getting from Charlie and Hep. Why did she get prezzies? Because she sent their daughter books about poo. You read it here first folks. Shuntlings also volunteered to help C & H out when they announced that the site would be moved. I don't care what outsiders think; Shunt pulls together when humanitarian efforts are needed.
But nothing brings Shunt together like a good shag talk, and here's what turns Recoil fans on:

Porn brought a smile to the faces of Dirk (later discovered to be James), Dominic and Stella. Morning sex does it for Kat, Micah and Duck. Shower sex puts a spring in AvonSpice's step while Micah and KJ prefer to sleep with decidedly large groups of people (who are clean, creamed KJ). Dan asked everybody if they'd sleep with someone on the first date and the general consensus was "Would? More like 'been there, done that'. And many times!"
Kristina wanted to know what everybody found attractive and again, the girlies sighed "Eyes!" Cybele and Sabinal pined for male Recoil fans, Zoodles wanted to know when everybody lost their virginity while KJ and Micah demanded that the world forsake pants. And somewhere in there, as usual, was whipped cream and pudding.

Last but not least, Sierra brought up the human side of Alan. And knowing all you pervs, you've read that last sentence the wrong way.
Quote Of The Month goes to Dusty, even though he read it off some poor sod's t-shirt:

"Spank and tickle me until I pee."

Sums up March on Shunt for me.
Until next month, you've been tongued by:
Mike Daniella
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe
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