May 1998
Welcome to the first edition of what I hope will become a fine source of Shunt List information for those who just don't have the time or inclination to chat with their fellow Recoil fans. Each month I will be monitoring the various topics of interest on the Shunt Mailing List, as well as touching upon the highlights of particular threads.

As expected, this first, historic month was, well....a bit overwhelming. Aside from the first week being plagued by naysayers, flame throwers and various other unsightly freaks of nature, everybody was very excited to be part of an official list. Of course the mail volume was insane during this week but I am glad to report it has gently come to rest at a more manageable level.

And let's get one thing straight here people. There is room in this great wide web for both Shunt AND Faith. Faith was set up years ago by dedicated fans and deserves its rightful place in Recoil history as the first Alan Wilder Mailing List. Shunt is the OFFICIAL list of the OFFICIAL page which Alan, and the tireless Hep, update weekly. Everyone is free to peruse both but I don't think members of either list want to cut each other off from Recoil information and related conversation. Remember, we all share a great admiration of Alan's work.
Shunt's second week looked a bit like the Intelligent Dance Music mailing list. IDM members and trainspotters (is there a difference?) freely discussed various electronic acts with glee, while a couple of boneheads amused themselves by continuing hem...sword fight in front of the Shunt Masses. Whatever, people.
Some others, like Suzy Q (whom I suspect of actually being a Sam) and Francisco fought the power and kindly offered methods to browse the Recoil website with text-based systems. Thanks, fellas.
The rest of the month was filled pretty much with a winding, free-wheeling discussion of drums, dreams and drugs. Oh, and Alan's dentist's chair. Various 'Shunt Babes' (as Mark has come to call our lascivious vixens), took the opportunity to discuss their never-ending interest in Alan's sexual prowess and dental practises before moving on to a delightful discussion of breastual proportions. Don't worry...Ballookey, KJ, and Vi occasionally offered up some Recoil content, of course in their own wildly differing styles (Ballookey citing Alan in defence of others, KJ with sporadic totally on-topic posts, and Vi inserting Alan into her letters like a delicious after-dinner mint). Nice try ladies but conversation always seems to get back to albino unicorn dreams and hooter size (which, by the way, is ok by me).

, Megan and Mark helped take the dream thread to a new level when Any offered her talents to make a film based on Recoil fans' nightly mental escapades. Good luck Any. Perhaps one day we can put some stills up on this page.

Lesley, Megan, Chris and Duck got into it with drugs and Nietzche (philosophical souls, we Shunters) and Wanderer pipes up every now and then, making valiant attempts at keeping the conversation music-oriented.

For those of you who are only just now discovering Shunt, please accept this invitation to sign up and give us your views on Alan's in-depth and provocative site. What do you dig about Alan's music? How do you feel about his abject hatred of peas? Isn't his kid cute? Or let yourself go and get sucked into one of the current threads; on Shunt, anything goes....
And the Shunt quote of the month, summing up MY personal opinion on the whole "free speech/responsiblity" matter, comes from our very own
Balookey Klugeypop:

"Stupid more interesting!"

And that's for YOU folks who left because you couldn't be bothered to propose your own topics.
Keep you minds dirty and your Shunts clean kids. Till next month, you've been tongued by:
Mike Daniella
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe
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