May 2000
Recoil is not mainstream and neither are its fans. In fact, it can be said that Recoil fans are downright strange. Shuntese, of course, are the strangest of all. Does it come from being Alan fans during the time he spent with Depeche Mode (pretending not to see Martin dressed like an East German governess after hours singing songs like 'Strangelove'?). Does it come from being internet weirdos? Does it come from sniffing glue? It surely can't be listening to the music of Recoil alone that creates, well, whatever Shunt was about in May.
Micah started off the insanity by offering to do an East Coast Recoil party and announcing his daft scheme to subscribe to Shunt under several false identities. Why? Probably so he could talk to somebody else who didn't like 'Liquid', since most of us did. Speaking of daft schemes, Lavey wants David Gahan to do a solo album and Anton reported that Depeche are going into the studio in June.
Despite bitching about his promo gifts from Mute and having earned a quick scolding from Janet, Jonathan Dourish reviewed the 'Strange Hours' EP and seemed to nearly enjoy it. Ken and Scott also reviewed the single, Anton spotted Alan on the cover of 'Outburn', Andrew announced that has the 'Strange Hours' video up while newcomer VJ Raymond gave KJ weak faith in MTV-USA.
Lavey found a Recoil display at Tower while Mark found a whole bunch of 'Liquids' in a bargain bin in Texas. Cheer up, Shuntese - it's the Lone Star State and their Lone Star happens to be Garth Brooks. Stephanie applied her pudding sharp wit to myself while Shane got confused by Method Man and Mary J. Blige's 'You're All I Need To Get High'.
Shane then proposed the 'I Love Recoil' virus while KJ explained Shuntsters to new folk and Scott suggested a regulars gallery. Garth posted a four star review of 'Liquid' from the Winnipeg Sun and KJ reviewed the 14 minute 'Black Box' mix. Higgs wondered which version of 'Personal Jesus' featured Alan on the back and reported that 'Secrets Of The Dead' was set to air on PBS.
Laura enjoyed the EP and Jez likened the gallery to a dating service. Micah plugged a DJing appearance, CMoby dreamt that he saw Alan on tour and wondered what it would really be like while Laura had a nearly religious sunrise experience involving 'Hydrology' and reminisced about Alan circa 1984.
Shane posted Kim Johnsson's win in the Clavia Nord Modular contest. Dusty posted the Federal Trade Commission's problem with CD prices and Higgs put an apropos cartoon, rather descriptive of Shunt, in the Shunt Files section at Onelist. KJ gave a guideline for touching her Recoil CDs and wanted her old MTV. Anu got with Bono while Allison called out lurkers and wondered if anyone lip-synched to DM in high school.
Raven suggested a Shunt AIDS walk while Allison tried to get some nice Shuntster to adopt her stray, mangy cat visitor. Mark Stryker was called a bad trader by BONG people and was defended by Shuntese, Ken announced his Recoil/Neubauten release party while Conor complained about the British music press. Dusty saw Recoil on a playlist for a Minneapolis club and suggested an Area 51 visit for Charliecon 2000 attendees. Everybody discussed witchcraft, education, and The Cure on tour plus a number of other subjects too diverse for this grizzled old reporter to remember.
Subject of the month comes from Higgs who titled one of his witty missives: "Set Me Free: (Re-ejumacate Me)."
Quote Of The Month comes from Mike Lavey, who made me laugh a full ten minutes when he announced:

"It's not my fault I'm the smartest. Or the funniest. Or the cutest (for a fat-boy anyway). Lavey is a special present from Heaven for all of you."
Now be good and strange children, and don't forget to wish Uncle Charlie a happy birthday!

Until next month, you've been tongued by,
Mike Daniella
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe