May 2001
Great news for Recoil fans the world over arrived this month in the form of... the Depeche Mode disc. Yes indeed, the release of 'Exciter' sure is a fine moment in the history of Recoil. Of course, you couldn't tell by the way it was ignored by Recoil fans. In fact not a single post, nary a whisper from the Shuntland regarding who likes what songs better, how it measures up to past DM releases, etc. and so forth.
Okay, you're right, I'm a liar. In reality, the new Depeche Mode album is just about all that got chatted up this month but in the absence of a new Recoil album, aside from a couple of potential soundtrack appearances, I suppose Alan's former band mates are about as close as we can get to Recoil-related conversation.
Radiohead's new record was also leaked to the public this month so Douglas Adams and Perry Cuomo both found out if there really is a God. Kristina Moodie aroused herself in the workplace which I (currently at work) found highly arousing, and FoxPuppy began to cultivate what will be, I'm sure, a bountiful harvest of pubicus foliculus.
Local sex god Shane Etter got an Andromeda. Anton might get one too. Michael Lavey fired up a drug smuggling business to pay for his and Kim bucked the trend and got a Kurzweil. What exactly these things are, I have no clue, but they sure seem important.
Nitzer Ebb, Douglas the Depraved, Bon, Maven and all things clad in clingy biker shorts were discussed by Pablo, FoxPuppy, Fabe and Micah.
Julie Finley tried to pimp to products via Ebay and David Gahan - circa 1982 - got a celebrity impersonator. Yann grew a mullet and there were other mullet spottings in superhip London and New York. Mullets mullets mullets. Mullets pepper the Shuntian landscape like we were at Lillith Fair. Mullet mullet mullet.
Neil launched a Soft Cell e-mail group, someone ganked Alexandra's copy of 'Liquid' and Ben Williams showed the world his tender side by dragging the innocent wife of Paul into a nasty battle of poop talking. (Not to be confused with jive talking which is of course how other-worldly Marco woos the ladies out of their undergarments).
Zina put forth the theory that anything regarding lesbianism is in fact Recoil-related content, which skewed my numbers beyond repair and for at least one more month, Tongue Petals goes sans-statistics.

Apparently Depeche Mode have a new album out. Who knew?

Quote Of The Month

- goes to Dieter Schmitt who tugged on the heartstrings of one and all with this sorrowful tale of woe:
"I am a German Recoil fan. I came to live in London with mullet - now I am shaved. My hair was big sadness, now gone."
Sing it, brother.
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe