May 2002
Laura Ahonen kicked off May with a bang, celebrating the return of Benjamin 'doin' the butt' Willliams, who showed his appreciation of his Shunt celebrity by promptly absconding. Meanwhile, Julie Finley and Jason B continued their conversation from last month on Nick Cave and concert-going audiences in Montreal.
Paul Lloyd posted news regarding an internet-only Curve release while the good Dr. LaVey and Henrik talked smack about Apple computers, PK talked smack about the prohibitive costs of ProTools, Yann and Bernard parlay-voued some Francais about their expanding DVD collections and Kim Johnsson and Micah talked John Foxx reissues.
At mid-month, the sale of Mute Records to EMI was announced prompting much on-list discussion amongst Recoil fans wondering if Mute's roster of cutting edge experimental music and (well, you know) Erasure would continue to be supported with the fervour Daniel Miller brought to the company. Fears were allayed at least a little later in the month when Alan himself, via the Shunt updates, advised one and all to 'chill', notifying us that at least for the time being, Daniel Miller remains in full control of the company and the roster will therefore remain intact.
Simon Kean however suggested Alan start looking for a new record company since EMI is only interested in one thing; sadly not artistic development. Dusty suggested stocking up on the Mutebank items you really need, just in case.
Shunt was down for a couple of days mid-month while the truly breathtaking 360 degree view tour of the Thin Line was uploaded. The panoramic view of the Line had all the gear geeks on-list well moistened for a good week.

Some guy named Dave (from some band no one here at Tongue Petals Central has ever heard of) celebrated his 40th birthday on the 8th. Which means of course that our own dear Alan will be soon ? eek!
Paolo, Brian, Lara and Superciusky spoke Italian while Tiff, who claims to be Sicilian as well as height and weight proportionate, wondered when and if Alan sang and made appearances on-line (see: demos, 101). This was somewhat answered by Dr LaVey and Micah, neither of whom could truthfully claim to have knowledge that Alan was ever on-line.

Laura Ahonen again broke forth with disturbing revelations on natural childbirth. Rudi asked if anyone spoke Portuguese -no one did.
Chris offered to host the next Shunt gathering in Portland and with many list members of dubious mental stability pledging to appear, it should prove to be an ether-filled binge of fear and loathing with LaVey and Chris offering to assist a fourteen year old Recoil fan in his debaucherous pursuits.
Steve did a small photo report on an Italian Recoil party, Jennifer Jordan talked art history bookS (if you can imagine that) and in addition, hosted a party where the girl from American Beauty showed up .

International drinking ages were discussed and Micah offered up a label for Piquet's eagerly awaited 'The Digital Intervention'. Jason B dissed the Pet Shop Boys live show and Shaun Morrow brought up the World Cup which was discussed at great length until month's end.

Check the breakdown:

Pre-emptive birthday well-wishings for Alan - 3
Questioning the Parfait - 6
Shuntfest 2002 - 52
Demo versions of Depeche Mode songs - 9
Mutes sale to EMI - 42
World Cup craziness - 26

Recoil? 78 out of 270 messages

Quote Of The Month:

goes to this year's Shuntfest co-ordinator, Christopher Alouiscious Escarcega:
"I tried being fourteen for a whole year once, it sucked."
No kidding. But at least, thanks to the Alan Wilder's online community of fans, the fourteen year old will get nice and inebriated.

Thank goodness for Recoil.

In Alan we trust.
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe