November 2001
November was kicked off in grand gear-whore style by Raven, who asked the music-making faction of Shunt for synthesizer recommendations which begat a flurry of activity from the likes of Shane Etter, Micah, Zina and Anton. Later posts from Raven, wondering what the food-stamp to synthesizer conversion rate is these days, dampened the conversation slightly and on-list chatter slowed to a crawl until Jason B. saw the trailer for 'Star Wars' (Episode II) and brought to light a whole new form of geekery which stank up the list for a couple days with Chris and Kristina duelling banjos over whether or not Jar Jar Binks was the best character in Episode I.
Also this month, Laura Ahonen got a real job and David Duchovny, thank heavens, made an album of adult contemporary pop. Neil talked about the new Erasure, Duck talked about the new Leonard Cohen and Dr. LaVey made a pre--emptive strike on the annual 'Top 10' lists. Simon, Paul, Dina and Zander compared and contrasted the relative homosexuality of various pub names whilst Yann got all moist, talking about the allegedly magically delicious Fruity Loops 3. Zina claimed to be equally moistened by Reason, however nary her nor Yann could hold a candle to Micah's Betty Crocker-like moistness for Reaktor.
Rumours of Alan setting aside his duties as 'Coolest Man on the Planet' and taking on a second profession as a private piano instructor lead quickly to heavy breathing on the part of some ladies on Shunt. Hot Damn, there sure was a lot of you born this month; Bash, Ben Williams, the lovely and talented Hepzibah Sessa, ole J.P. Rainville, Michael LaVey, and Henrik Stromberg all celebrated their own personal holidays in November.
At month's end, there was some small conversation regarding which Depeche Mode song contained (in it's last 50 seconds or so) the most amazing piece of music ever recorded. Some voted for 'Personal Jesus' - the version on 'Violator' I'm imagining - and some for 'Judas'. My vote is for 'Photograph Of You' - will such beauty ever descend from Heaven to entrance our ears and lull our senses into ecstasy again?
And here is the ever-shortening monthly statistical rundown...

Posts re: Gear-whore synthesizer wackiness - 15
Posts re: Star Wars preview - 4
Posts re: Harry Potter - 0
(thank you, Lord!)
Posts re: George Harrison's exit from this mortal coil - 12
Posts re: Birthday well-wishings - 32
Posts re: Recoil - 51

Quote Of The Month.

November sure seemed like a short month with barely 250 posts and an extraordinarily short Tongue Petals to match. At least this month's posts were able to spawn a worthy QOTM contender. Yolanda 'Rang-dang-diggledy-dang-di-dang' Ramirez once again whupped oohs and ahhs from the TP team of trained monkeys, with the following blast of primate-approved funk:
(Regarding the use of loud music and amphetamines to kill laboratory mice)

"I'm picturing 238 tiny little Trans Am t-shirts and a shoebox converted into a drug den."

Well shave my hide and make an ashtray out of my severed hand... turns out some on Shunt have a sense of humour after all.
There you have it.

Your resident silverback,
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe