November 2002
The November wind, with its recurrent icy spasm, blew Paul onto the list to post Radiohead album news, and J. Christian Guerrero who likened the state of the list to the desolate, uninhabitable landscapes of Alien3. We at Tongue Petals prefer to think of it as 'hibernation', thank you very much.
Micah continued from October the curiously under-commented on Recoil Mix CD conversation and recalled, somewhat fondly, mowing lawns for the Depeche Mode boxed sets. Jen Jordan forgot to take her psych-meds and wondered if she was Sebastian K. A quick poll of the TP staff revealed that as far as we can tell, she is not.
Crib-robbers Yolanda and Objet were confused by the CD collections and musical logic of their respective nymphets while Raven stood up for PT Anderson and Adam Sandler. Julie and Paul talked about Young God Records and its roster of stars while concurrently, KJ, Laura and others remarked on how their 14th year was their Depeche Mode discovery year. The magical, musical Dr. LaVey smoked crack with Mindless Self Indulgence, recommended the new Missy Elliot, and illegally recorded a Sigur Ros concert
Julie Finley posted her Diamanda Galas shirt designs, Jason B gave the thumbs up to Johnny Cash's cover of 'Personal Jesus' and Ben Williams made an obscenity-laden return dissing James Bond and some fool named Ozan who kept posting the word 'test'.
Continuing the 007 thread, Kristina Moodie remained unimpressed by the alleged beauty of Halle Berry, Bernard pimped his e-wares and Rudi did the international travellers on the list a great service by posting many frequently used swearwords in various languages. KJ took the opportunity to flaunt her staggering ethnicity by correcting many of Rudi's recommendations.

Quote Of The Month

A paltry 133 messages were posted this month; not really enough for a statistical breakdown in the traditional sense but certainly enough for a Quote of the Month. This month courtesy of Micah Stupak, AGAIN!

As we all wondered the status of new Recoil album, Micah, at great personal peril to himself, wondered aloud:
"You'd think that with a new Peter Gabriel album he'd have material for a new album."
As always:
Jen Jorda… er… Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe