November 1999
We are four months and counting at the beginning of November. "To what?" I hear the uninitiated ask. To 'LIQUID', you pseudo-fans! Consequently, much of this month's Recoil-relevant chatter involved snippets, hints and teases regarding this much-anticipated release. At the same time, we were overrun by new list members who aren't quite sure, it seems, what the purpose of the list is. As much as we welcome Recoil fans to the fold, I'm not sure we appreciate being lectured and insulted. We do like talking about Recoil and related subjects, which thankfully is easier and more giddy with the promise of a new record.
The month started off, appropriately enough, with LaVey and KJ discussing paedophiles. Newcomer Stephanie then caught KJ's attention (though briefly) by attempting to define 'hardcore' - LaVey insists it's him. Jen Jordan answered correctly.
Shunt rediscovered how many witches are attracted to Recoil while Brady analyzed Halloween and Rebecca announced that she was Mormon. Somehow this lead LaVey to declare "Women suck!" and KJ agreed. Praise of testicles and a discussion of feminine hygiene followed promptly.
Utah may be to Recoil what Los Angeles was to Depeche Mode and Shunt is filled with Zion's citizens. They are planning a get together in December; join the Shunt list for details. Please bring Nilla wafers and Jell-O salad.
The Diamanda report inspired some interesting topics so KJ asked everyone what they'd bring if they stayed with Alan for five days and then challenged Shuntlings to make up something 'off the cuff' like Diamanda did for 'Liquid'. The results were entertaining, if not terrifying. Dusty gave us some 'Liquid' gossip off the Diamanda Galás list and Ben reviewed 'Chrome' from the Mute comp CD. Joe Piekarski generously cleared up a pressing Kenny Loggins issue and exposed Geri Halliwell's engagement to Chris Evans.
Speaking of the seedier side of popdom, Ben posted the verdict of Gary Glitter's child-pornography trial while Damon Albarn's love-life was discussed with zeal. Kristina then admitted to us that she was part of a secret ABBA appreciation society as a child. Everybody had something to say about drugs, religion, cops, self-defense, God, DVD players, 007 and shagging Alan which shows what a high class, upstanding group we are. Dusty went insane, Stephanie seemed to be picking fights on the playground and Raven has some serious personal problems with Elvis. Shane lamented his lack of sexiness, Ubaldi went medieval on Joan of Arc, Alexandra lamented the existence of the MTV Europe Awards and everybody tried to pronounce "Bowie".
Alan was spotted at a Nine Inch Nails rehearsal gig. The reason was discovered when Marco heard 'Liquid' at the beginning of a NIN show and Nicole confirmed that the music was indeed the new album. KJ resuggested a Recoil cover effort, this time to more effect, while Jez asked what recipe we would bring to a Wilder party. KJ nominated Recoil as one of the hottest things happening at and asked everyone to vote. Shane questioned the Recoil recording process and Joe encountered much Recoil signage in Duluth. Happily but inevitably, Dr Johnny Ogilvie converted a home electronics salesman to the religion of Recoil while testing his CDs on the equipment.
In the Random Weirdness category, Dusty Wu-Tangalized our names and professed to worship the Blue Star Nosed Mole. KJ asked why musicians name their instruments, Nicole started a discussion on Milla Jovavich and Sabinal suggested Recoil Christmas songs. Micah started the great and never-ending "What's your favourite bad movie?" thread and Alexandra enquired about Anton Corbijn's video career. Dusty informed us of David J's auction and Hardy informed us that Neubauten want photos of fan tattoos.
Jen discovered that she is friends with Aeon Flux and asked about our record collections while Ben started bragging about his car again. Paloma saw through everyone's 'flirting' and Shane asked us what our fetishes were. Neil asked us what we wanted in our stockings for Christmas which is funny because I want Lara Flynn Boyle in HER stockings (and nothing else, except for perhaps the addition of twenty or thirty pounds). Alexandra enjoyed British humour while the Shunt Intelligencia discussed existentialism. Oh, Rebecca did, too.
In Shunt business, more Charliecons are in the works besides 'Sex Us' in Texas, so KJ suggested the formation of a Charliecon Society. She also wondered why chicks on Shunt get away with harassment. Joe was the first to praise Hepzibah's daring and sophisticated home decor line - X-entric, and Sabinal wished Hep a happy birthday. It is agreed that no man would mind being harassed by Hep, at least.
Although it was really hard to choose from all the gems this month (Ben, Neil and even Foxpuppy being noteworthy), the November Quote Of The Month goes to Micah, who uttered this piece of absolute truth:

"If you fail to realise that people must be categorized, your life will be living hell. How else can you avoid them if you don't know what they are?"
Until next month, you've been tongued by:
Mike Daniella
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe
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