October 1998
Summing up October after nursing a Samhain hangover is a bit like a root canal operation - painful but necessary. Seems the clan has mellowed a bit with the onset of Fall. Opinions were slung about as per usual but there were less fatal injuries than in previous months. Recoil came up again and again, and it was even in context!
Vi, Julie, Stacey, Kat and other Shuntlings wrapped their heads around genetics - Shunt style. The thread meandered in, out and around Hepzibah and redheads in general before eventually petering out somewhere in geneology. Sort it out and it's clear that the majority of regular posters think Hepzibah is the product of damn fine breeding. I'd have to agree.
James (and by proxy, the rest of Shunt) got a lecture in etiquette from 'Real Butter' Rick and the ever-pithy Doc. Bombay. Remember kids: dropping fat attachments on an unsuspecting mailing list is bad karma.
Somehow or other, dental visits spiralled into a number of different threads - the longest running was about needles. Everybody hates 'em - enough said, right? Hardly. Shunt sustained a needle thread for weeks. Let's just call it resourceful and leave it at that.
A group of Shuntlings managed to keep up a barrage of music posts throughout the month. Dusty, Julie, Stacey and others all contributed something or other. Name-checks included Neubauten, Kraftwerk and (surprise) Depeche Mode. Someone managed to work in a few shots at Trent Reznor while Dusty and Julie have the "I own more white labels than you" award locked down tighter than Suge Knight.
Recoil remixes, vocalists and the man behind the curtain himself made appearances in long and short form. Amazingly, we made it through the whole month without one lascivious comment directed toward Mr Wilder - seems the natives aren't drinking nearly enough before posting these days.

and KJ returned to the list after hiatus. Bienvenidos a la casa de Shunt.

Ben + supporting cast, in keeping with tradition, supplied the slings and arrows. Sooner or later Shuntlings may learn to duck - but don't hold your breath......
Vi gets the nod for October Quote Of The Month:

" an anaemic polar bear rolled in cocaine."

which was her description of just how white she is...then again, context is kind of irrelevant, innit?
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