October 2001
October began with Yann Solo discovering Arovane while concurrently Brian sent us pictures of tattooed pigs - when will the glorious gifts from our good Lord above cease? Janet from Mute celebrated a birthday as did Neil, who rocked out with mulleted musical mastermind Howard Jones or 'Hojo' to those of us who hold him in nothing but the highest regard.
Julie Finley announced (yet again) her departure from the list, though this time for health reasons. Bets are being accepted at table five for exactly how long this stint of non-membership will last. I've got five bucks on three months. In all seriousness however, Julie is one of the more, oh how do you say, vocal of the group and her rants and raves will be missed. Hope everything turns out okay for you, Julz.
Dr. Bombay made a triumphant (if somewhat reeking of synth pop) return to the list whilst Dr. LaVey was conspicuous in his absence. Jason B remarked on a certain amount of Wilder-tude in a remix of a new Depeche Mode song, which brought nostalgic sighs from many after Oliver broke out with the linky-dinky doo. It also brought out some vomit from Dr. Bombay and others after the tried and true 'How DM would sound if Alan was still in the band' conversational carcass was once again exhumed and dragged into the middle of the dance floor for everyone to get a good whiff.
Laura Ahonen saw a cake in the shape of a dong which must have been breathtaking, whilst on the other side of yon Atlantic, Chris challenged old-ass Duck to a drinking match. And I mean old-ass in the nicest possible manner.
Shane Etter wanted Jane's Addiction tickets and Marco completed the One Ton Gun connection with a recommendation of the new Aphex Twin record, 'Too many consonants in a row to be proper English', which Micah promptly dissed but retracted at months end after hearing the album. Paul Lloyd and Anton also chimed in with mad props for the A to the F to the X.
The Great Shunt Pop Quiz was met with, for the most part, stunned silence while Ken Gerleve made like the boy-genius he is and posted a close, personal friend's close, personal info for the stalking pleasure of one and all. Speaking of pop trivia, the appearance of 'Strangelove' in a hip-hop song was discussed at some small length as was DM's concert at Wembley. After she put out a call for folks to chat with, Zina no doubt spent many an hour discussing the relative merits of the film version of the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy and new versions of 'Everquest'.
All in all, not a whole hell of a lot happened this month what with a new Recoil record being a couple of years away. I forget, what exactly the hell DID we talk about in the three years betwixt 'Unsound Methods' and 'Liquid'? Decay sera, sera...
Back in Black! It's this month's statistical rundown...

Posts re: David 'married to a Spice Girl' Beckham - 13
Posts re: Lesbianism, real or implied - a paltry 40
(Perhaps in these stressful times, lesbianism is not the first thing on people's minds, however in my opinion, now is THE time to seek comfort in the sisterhood of women.)
Posts re: Thom Yorke's eye - 3
Posts re: Ghetto booty - 9
Posts re: Thom Yorke's ghetto booty - 0
Posts re: Alan Wilder's ghetto booty - 8
Posts re: Depeche Mode cover bands - 5
Posts by: Some lame dork in a Depeche Mode cover band - 3
Posts re: The guy who mistook the panties for anthrax - 6
Posts re: Alan's use of the word 'allocated' in '101' - 8
Number of anonymous users on an online sex test who listed one Alan Charles Wilder as their preferred sexual partner - 9
Posts re: Osama Bin Scrotum - 0
Posts re: Recoil -102 (once again using simply the mention of Alan as 'Recoil Content')

Quote Of The Month.

goes to NO ONE! That's right! - not a damn one of you said anything even remotely humorous this month.

Sick, sad and wrong.
Disappointed, as always,
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe