October 2002
Laura Ahonen took the lead in October by posting to the list humorous and interesting search engine returns on the words Recoil and Shunt while Izabela and Steven started up some haiku, Lulu wished for new Recoil material in her haiku, Dr. LaVey experienced paranormal bathing in his and Brian used haiku to elucidate the disposal of human remains - like a good little Recoil fan.
J Christian Guerrero talked St. Etienne and Henrik mentioned that Iran has better sex education than the United States - which set off much hemming and hawing on-list with Lulu standing up for the sexual education of the United States populace countered by KJ talking all kinds of smack about the lack thereof.
Stephen and Lesley had an incredibly detailed conversation (spanning many days) all about living in Georgia. To Steven's credit, he did manage to turn the conversation into a Recoil-related haiku, wondering when Alan plans on releasing an album.
LaVey told nasty jokes about dead babies + erections and Laura wondered whether list members preferred tea or cocoa. Rich dropped by to warn UK Recoil fans of impending televised lesbianism while Raven and KJ discussed at great length, and with great attention to detail, their sexual escapades with people of varying ethnicity's.
KJ likened a 'Paul', who remained otherwise unnamed, as the most stereotypical Englishman - what with him liking sports, tea, boobies, spankings and all. The Tongue Petals Team of Trained Monkeys were unable to discern which of these characteristics were particularly 'English' as they are enjoyed the world over. However, we were distracted by footy and our man servants bringing around a cup of the good old Earl Grey.
Henrik heard about a potential new Depeche Mode remix collection while Izabela enjoyed a birthday and talked about drugs, sex and memories of music with Steven. Jason B cried, literally, over Tears For Fears cover songs and Laura made a lot of people feel suddenly very old by revealing that this coming February will mark the 10th anniversary of the release of 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion'.
Objet found his first grey hair and Ruslan dropped all the Recoil videos on-line in DivX format. Slick commented on the "Xtreme" nature of the film for 'Shunt' while, concurrently, the healthcare systems of the United States, the United Kingdom and Sweden were discussed.
KJ got on her soapbox once more and hollered for a bit about maternity leave while Conor noted at month's end that Alan has apparently "sold out" by allowing T-Mobile to utilize the instrumental version of 'Jezebel' in an advertisement. Beats the hell out hearing Moby sell products if you ask us…

Here is October's statistical rundown:

Haiku - 10
Sex education around the world – 39
(that would be Steven and Lesley all on their little lonesome) – 26
The world's funniest joke - 12
The merits of coffee and tea – 30
Email virus hoax e-mails – 6
Government healthcare and you! - 41
Depeche Mode "firsts" – 23

All in all, 167 of 511 posts mentioned Alan or Recoil in some manner.

Quote Of The Month

Micah Stupak again came correct with the quotable 'Quote of the Month' flava when Izabela asked: "Have you guys ever tried haiku?" Thus spoke Stupak:
"Yeah, I did a few lines of haiku awhile back. Easier than cocaine, but much less buzz."
As always:
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe