September 1998
Finding the year (with the Shunt list in tow) careering madly toward longer nights and lousy weather, this journalist has to ask: do these punters really need more time to post?
September started off lurching on and off topic like a drunken film student. Julie diced with death and fired anti-Mode salvos into the Shunt masses provoking the Martin camp to respond with shots of their own. One thing the majority did seem to agree on was that Ska is absolute crap. Let this be a lesson to the late Sycamore (who's since moved on to greener scooter-safe pastures): leather-clad Pomos and Rudies don't mix - at least not on Shunt.
In typical Shunt fashion, his fond farewell was accompanied by pithy remarks and off-colour banter, spearheaded by resident caustic wit and self-styled 'bouncer' Ben, who took time out of his heavy schedule to see the troublemaker safely to the door.

Agent Orange
and KJ debated the merits of organ transplants while Julie sang the praises of Maggie Estep.
Doctor Bombay made his debut - wondering if Alan had created the "ultimate" psychodrama in Shunt and within 48 hours of his first post, had managed to proposition Julie. It would seem the good doctor is all about ministering to those special chakras - Deepak Chopra would be proud. Shunt called his bluff but the doctor didn't budge and Julie has been uncharacteristically quiet on the whole business.
Andrew was congratulated on his 3rd prize pull in the most-recent Shunt contest while the rest of the list coveted quietly. Eve Owl pondered the ramifications of Depeche Mode metaphysics and Ballookey cried bollocks while dispensing cautious love. Krzysztof tangled with Eve over drugs and Kristina, James, Leon and others tackled the continual question of whether or not MTV sucks. Until they give Alan some air play, the answer is a resounding 'yes'.
Agent Orange gets the Quote Of The Month:

"I don't mind donating my organs as long as they're not used for medical purposes."
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