September 2002
September kicked off with KJ and Laura discussing the pros and cons of circumcision and, for reasons best left unsaid, wondering whether the process was common in late 1950's England. And ever on the prowl for pale-skinned boys to play Dungeons & Dragons with, KJ then went through the Shunt smear gallery.
While Marco and Kim talked synthesizers, Brian likened Fox Puppy's periodic list appearances to acid flashbacks and Paul discussed the exotic stylings of Bernard Sumner's dancing. The list discussed whether or not Finland really was "for you" and, in a similar vein, confused UK list members talked English folk dances.
Jason B began his underpaid career as a university teacher and the list talked about his subject - short stories - for a goodly while. Kristina Moodie took some time away from cultivating her hotness and discussed 'Gosford Park' with Micah and Tove. Yolanda Ramadamadingdong and Henrik talked comics (geeks!) and Chris got all completist on dat azz while the DM dorks busted out with their complete discographies to discern whether or not Mr Escarcega had CDBong19, LCDBong19 or CBong19 on his hands.
When it was revealed that there was a Reprise mis-print on the German and American versions and that the 'Transcentral Mix' was actually 'Pavlov's Dub' meaning that all Chris really owned was the plain old-fashioned US CD single, everyone heaved a sigh of relief, threw on the UK L12 and enjoyed the soothing sounds of sheep noises. Baa...

You do all realize you know a ridiculous amount about Depeche Mode… right?
KJ compared the bible to scat porn (for real!) and, speaking of scat, Dr. LaVey blew his cool-guy cover and elucidated his deep, personal love for The Cardigans. Tove and Micah talked odd time signatures and polyphony while Steven and Izabela discussed the age-old question of whether or not both Recoil and Depeche Mode fandom are mutually exclusive.
Objet gave us new mixed drink ideas, Neil brought up the new Soft Cell album and Hunter (he of the marginally old school) showed up to terrorize -bringing Lesley, Shane Etter and others out of the proverbial woodwork for a rare convergence of circa-1998 lameness.
Paul Lloyd took geekitude full circle this month by bringing up 'The X-Files', Lulu rubbed HBO in the faces of UK list members and the greatness/lameness of Brian Eno's 'I Feel You' remixes was also discussed.
Henrik purchased the extraordinary Gantz_Graf DVD courtesy of Autechre while Laura pointed out the interesting paradox befuddling the Tongue Petals Team of Trained Monkeys: that the list seems to discuss the lack of Recoil content more than Recoil itself.
LaVey talked about hiding bodies with Alan back in the day, Jason's birthday came and went with minimal whinny bitchiness and Stephen talked Scott Weiland's cover of 'But Not Tonight'. The make-up of Depeche Mode concert crowds was mentioned... flooding the mind with images of the long-forgotten Martin Gore lookalike army.

Here is the statistical rundown for September:

Posts containing mention of synthesizers – 8
Kristina Moodie's rampant hotness – 7
The obligatory who we'd like to hear on the next album thread - 51
Finland for You! -17
Stephen Fry as potential Recoil collaborator – 5
Short stories - 13
The Cardigans – 10
The X-Files - 6
Shunt being down - 9

Out of 697 messages this month, 240 managed to have some content relating to Lord Wilder.

Quote Of The Month:

During a discussion on whether or nor Jesus' jewish heritage might have been indicative of any resemblance between the King of Kings and Woody Allen, Micah Stupak broke forth with the following brick on his own little road to hell:
"...only later in life did Christ develop a predilection for under-aged Asian chicks."
Mr. Stupak is hereby granted 1 (one) pass to eternal suffering and hellfire. Thanks for shopping at Damnations'R'Us.

As always:
Sebastian K.
Photography - Robert Mapplethorpe