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From: Edward Flores
E-mail: edwardf@texas.net

I have a bet with some mates that the intro to 'I Feel You' is screeching tyres. Is that true?

You'd better be prepared to part with some cash - the noise actually comes from a synth.

From: Piero Manzo
E-mail: pierom@tiscalinet.it

What can you tell me about the drum track on 'Higher Love' that is so similar to the one in 'So Cruel' by U2 (Achtung Baby).

Didn't Flood work on both LP's?.....

From: Xavi Martí
E-mail: xmarti@jet.es

I'm fascinated with the darker-pretty-magical-elegant-emotive-cleanest-perfect sound of the DM song 'Walking in My Shoes'. What was the process you used to construct this song?

It was constructed using an unusual method for us, i.e. jamming together. Martin played the guitar, I played bass and we ran a rhythm machine - this was just to get the basic feel for the track - and after much trial and error, the chorus bass line and guitar pattern fell into place. From that point onwards, Flood and I began to construct the various drum loops, the string arrangements, the main riff (which combined a piano and harpsichord through a distorted guitar amp) and all the other bits and pieces. By contrast, the bass line for the verses was much more problematic and in fact didn't get written until the very last moment.

From: Martin Sentti
E-mail: senti@goteborg.mail.telia.com

Will you explore rock deeper in the future (you did it great on 'SOFAD')?

Ahh yes, 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion'.....that great rock classic. You know, I really wanted to take the rock thing further but the others like weren't cool about it. I designed these great leopard-skin spandex trousers for us right, and I sort of like envisaged Dave swinging from the ceiling Bon Jovi style, and I was gonna grow my hair long man, and like dye it blond and get the old home perm out. It could have been so totally cool 'cause, I'm just like fuckin' Sabbath, me! Raaack on.....

I also thought we could lob dead animals at the audience during some of those great rock numbers like 'Consecration' and 'Get Right With Me(at Loaf). Didn't you notice the subliminal 'heavy' titles like 'Rush' and 'Judas (Priest)'..... my idea. Talkin' of 'Judas', that end bit wiv' the fuckin' synthesiser, that's like so totally ACDC isn't it!!!....Of course, the album title was also a problem. I wanted to call it 'Suck My Stalagmite' but I got outvoted 'cause like apparently we were s'pposed to be some poofta New Romantics band.......an' all these years I thought I was a member of Iron Maiden...... Lived eht fo sdnah eht ta eid lliw uoy.

From: Bruno Ouvrein
E-mail: bo101@club-internet.fr

I seem to remember that Moby did two remixes of 'Walking In My Shoes' that were rejected. Is this true and as far as you can remember, what were the reasons given and who mainly rejected them?

I believe this is true although I really can't remember what they sounded like (I don't have a copy of them). I also seem to recall one or two other mixes of that track which were rejected. These extra mixes were commissioned by the Americans who were desperate to get a more dancey version of the single to work with. I certainly don't recall any band member suggesting that Moby even do a remix for 'Walking'. The mixes would have been rejected because they simply weren't good enough.

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