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What do you think of 'Ultra', DM's album made after you left?

During the press and promotion for 'Unsound Methods', I made it clear that I would not comment publicly on any of the material produced by Depeche Mode after my departure nor would I allow myself to be drawn into childish talk regarding the remaining band members. I'm sure people can appreciate that I have taken this line because anything I do say on these matters is open to misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

After hearing 'Ultra', are there any songs that you would have done differently?

It's very difficult to say. It would obviously have sounded different if I had been involved but I can't say how because I haven't heard the original demos.

From: farhan
E-mail: f-kazmi@uiuc.edu

This question is for Hep:

Have you heard any of the new DM tracks and if so what do you personally think of them?

Nice try Farhan.....;-)

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