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From: Mark Reed
E-mail: mar@markgenius1.demon.co.uk

Looking at live videos, I've noticed that Martin only seems to have one pair of trousers (the silver ones with the belt that clips the two legs together at the knee). Did anybody not point this out to him?

Listen, considering some of classic little numbers we've sported over the years, I doubt any of us were in any kind of position to be making judgements about anyone else. Memorable combinations include Dave's 'Master and Servant' 'man at C & A' jacket and the most monstrous mullet in the history of synth-pop' and my oxblood red leather trouser suit with the Spandau Ballet lacing up the front ......by the way, I donated it as a prize for some competition in the Bong magazine back in about 1994 - anyone know who won it? Talking of clothes reminds me of my favourite Mode review from back in the early 80's when the journalist in question pontificated that success could well be achieved for the group simply by pointing us all in the direction of a decent tailor. Headline: "Posh clobber could clinch it for Mode".

Aside from the original 'Singles 81-85', what was the worst cover art or t-shirt DM or Recoil have produced?

The 'SOFAD' album cover.

From: Kimberley
E-mail: mytlum@gte.net

On the cover of the 'Personal Jesus' single, was it the same girl with all 4 of you or 4 different girls?

The same girl.

From: Delebecque anne-j'zabel
E-mail: daffyne@worldnet.fr

I read in the DM biography, a critic having a very unfair attitude regarding Anton's work for the band. Did you see him as really innovative or as someone always using the same tricks?

That 'critic' doesn't know what he's talking about. I always valued Anton's contribution. His style is very familiar but I wouldn't call it a bag of tricks, just a little Dutch ;-)

From: Melvin Llum
E-mail: mytlum@gte.net

I was wondering how long it took to make your hair "just perfect" for the videos 'Master and Servant' and 'Everything Counts'? By the way, I love these 2 videos very much! How old were you then?

HOT HAIR (circa 1983/4)

You will need:

1 STUPID PRATT (preferably aged - about 22 should do it)
1 LARGE MIRROR (doctored to look as flattering as possible)
1 HEAD OF STRAGGLY, UNKEMPT HAIR (do NOT wash thoroughly)
HOVIS BREAD (1 loaf)


Take stupid pratt and stand for half an hour in front of a large mirror. Start by coating straggly hair thoroughly with both tubes of full hold hair gel, being careful to ensure sideburns are not missed. Using comb, scoop upwards to resemble loaf of bread and immediately cover LIBERALLY with hair spray (remembering to save some for the garnish). DO NOT MOVE UNTIL SET. Next, ignore the fact that everyone's saying "Look at that stupid pratt who looks like he's got a loaf of bread on his head" and place firmly in an equally badly dressed and follically-disasterous 80's pop band. Finally, add one more spray of Elnette and serve immediately to gaggle of teenage girls who'll tell him he looks great......

From: Arthur Yeung
E-mail: 7awy@qlink.queensu.ca

Can you shed some light on the career of your DM hairdo's? It seems like you've been through a whole bunch of styles. What would motivate you to cut it, grow it, etc.? I noticed from watching videos and stuff that you had some pretty damn long hair during the 'Violator' era. Just how much Crisco did you mash into your mane (it did look awfully sharp!)? How on earth did you keep your greasy locks out of your face while performing under the hot lights? Especially when you wore leather on stage - how on earth did you NOT sweat to the point where your quiff sags into a miserable mess? And, have you ever put your hair in a pony tail?

I can honestly say that I have never sported a pony tail and I intend to live out the rest of my life with that record intact (unless I am required to live in a trailer park in Alabama). However, I have grown the odd loaf of bread (Hovis-style) which, rather worryingly, seemed to spark off a whole generation of disaffected German 'loaf heads' around 1984. The shocking red was henna - sort of like putting cow dung on your bonce for an entire evening - and seemed perfectly acceptable in the light of punk, new wave and multicoloured vinyl. There has also been the 'I can't grow sideburns but I'd really like to look like a rocker' greasy quiff and 'strangly bits by the side of the ears' look, as well as the 'Happy Mondays / Paul Weller can't be bothered' centre parting disaster. I finally settled on the 'manageable, sensible close crop' which I've been consistently recycling for the last 7 years or so. Products that have been close to my heart: 'Elnett' super extra strength hairspray, 'Stu,Stu,Stu,Studioline' gel, Black & White wax......

From: Sunil Solanki
E-mail: solankis@aecc-chiropractic.ac.uk

Do you have any idea if Anton Corbijn sells any of his photographic originals or prints? I've spoken to Richard Bell at State and he wasn't much help. Is there any way to contact the 'mad dutchman' himself?

I don't think Anton's e-mailed up and I don't make a habit of passing on private phone numbers, but State Films should be able to tell you. I'm pretty sure that Anton does sell selected prints of his work. I know he marketed a collection of his more famous pictures a few years ago but maybe it was only a limited edition. You could also check: <http://www.photogenic.net/corbijn/index.html>.

From: Kirill Apanasenko
E-mail: kerrya@com2com.ru

Why was a Russian map used as a background for the cover of 'Never Let Me Down'? Was there any special meaning or was it just rather popular at the time to use something Russian (perestroika, Gorbachev etc.)?

Nothing to do with me. It was Martyn Atkins' idea.

From: Carsten Vogt
E-mail: cvogt@theorie.physik.uni-wuppertal.de

I always wondered what was the point of wearing sunglasses during TV appearances or photo sessions. Was it the lights or to hide a hangover ? ;-)

No point whatsoever apart from serious pose factor number 11.

From: Robert Sokolowski
E-mail: rybadm@polbox.com

Do you remember where the b/w cover photo of 'People Are People' compilation album was shot?

Not exactly. Somewhere in the dockland area of London, I think.

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