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From: Robert Sokolowski
E-mail: missing_piece@poczta.onet.pl

I just noticed in your link section that "Sonya Madan has collaborated with Recoil in the past year". Could you tell us what it was at all? Did you produce a remix for them or something?

Sonya provided a vocal to an extra track called 'Don't Look Back' that will appear on the single release.

I remember you said in the past that you liked the Moloko album but what do you think about their new single,'Bring it Back'? It is a pile of shit for me....

Is that the 'Oh, God we'd better do something with a disco beat and have a hit' track? Mmm, Paris likes it.......;-)

From: modehead
E-mail: person1986@yahoo.com

I was just wondering whether or not you like the Pet Shop Boys and if you've heard they're new album 'Nightlife'. I'm asking this because I know many Recoil/Depeche Mode fans who love the Pet Shop Boys too.

'West End Girls' was good at the time. Unfortunately, the group never moved on and I've hardly liked anything they've done since. Can't stand Neil Tennant's voice either.

From: po_incm_eflima
E-mail: po_incm_eflima@lojadocidadao.pt

I know you appreciate Gareth Jones' work but would you produce an Erasure album just like he did? I find myself with goosebumps just by thinking about it!

No I wouldn't.

Also, if you were invited by any group or artist to produce their/his/her album, who would you chose and why?

Not sure. It would be have to be someone well known who hasn't realised their full potential yet.

From: Peter Dieter
E-mail: peterdieter@gmx.net

Mariah Carey/Tina Turner/Cher/Whitney H./ gives you a call, desperately wanting to contribute her brilliant voice to your 2002 album 'Liquid Bloodline'. What's your response?

To Mariah: "If I need someone to wank all over my music I'll do it myself, thank you"

To Tina: "Don't you already feature on track no. 5?"

To Cher: "Sorry but I stopped using vocoders in 1975"

To Whitney: "Not if you do that wobbly thing with your mouth"

From: Raven Floyd
E-mail: ravenangl@hotmail.com

On behalf of the Jarvis Cocker lusting hussies on Shunt, would you consider collaborating with his Pulpness?

I don't think he's got a great voice but I have a lot of time for Mr Cocker. He's one of the most articulate people in the pop business and he writes witty and often astute words.

For Hep:

What do you think of Pulp?

I'm very much in agreement with Mr. Wilder and I especially like 'This Is Hardcore'. However, I would like to shoot their producer - their records are horribly mixed with no bottom end and inaudible drums. With a better man at the helm and a few more interesting wibbly-wobbly noises, they'd be even better.

From: Sebastien
E-mail: mr.self-destruct@bluewin.ch>

I read on a Nine Inch Nails news site that someone saw you on November 9th in London during their final dress rehearsal - some kind of pre-tour show which only 100 people could attend. If it was really you, what did you think of it? Were you so impressed that you're planning to also see them at the end of the month at the Brixton Academy?

Thomas Schernikau

E-mail: thomas.schernikau@artemedia.de

I'd like to ask you what you think about the new Nine Inch Nails album 'The Fragile', and is it true that you've attended the warm-up gig of their tour in London? If so, how did you like it (both album and concert) because I saw their show here in Berlin and I think the performance and sound were stunning - one of the best gigs I've ever seen. That leads to a secret wish of mine: What about a collaboration between Recoil and NIN, be it a song, remix or even better a tour together?

From: Benny Jorgonson
E-mail: bjo@adr.dk>

Have you made some kind of deal with NIN to help you promote 'Liquid'?

From: Thierry
E-mail: h.couturier@free.fr

Last night I went to the Nine Inch Nails show in Paris and before the show there was some awsome music which was sent through the P.A. (at a moment when we were speaking about DM). I asked everyone around if they knew this music and no one was able to answer me. Meanwhile I told a friend of mine that it sounded like Recoil and decided to check on a DM Forum. Then I found that it was Recoil's 'Liquid' LP. Is it true and did you deal with Mr Trent Reznor himself (hearing 'The Fragile' it seems like he appreciates your work and sound)?

I have heard 'The Fragile' a few times now and it is growing on me. As an outsider it's clear to me that there was a dilemma about whether to cut it down to a single LP or take the more bold and somewhat risky step of releasing a double. Obviously, a lot of effort went into making it and it would have been very difficult to shelve so much work but personally I would have edited it down to a very strong single album. Having said that, I like the way it breaths and takes it's time to evolve and seep into your consciouness. Generally, I like the moments that don't sound like previous NIN - the quieter, atmospheric sections that feature more adventurous sounds. Despite it's drawbacks, still a vastly superior record to most others released these days.

Regarding the live show, I can confirm that the music you heard was indeed from the new Recoil LP. I was invited to attend the final production rehearsal in London a few weeks ago and asked for permission to use the Recoil tracks as an intro to their show. I enjoyed the performance a lot - the band were very tight and there is an interesting section in the middle involving projection. Hep and I are going to the show on the 29th and possibly the second one too - we're meeting a big gang of friends including one Miss Nicole Blackman who is the girlfriend of Trent's guitar tech, John.


Actually I'm just finishing off Q + A and it's 2 days since the above mentioned show. You'll all be pleased to hear that the night was most enjoyable with a good performance by Mr Reznor and the band even though he apparently didn't think so himself. Miss Blackman was in top form and amongst the usual crowd we were pleased to bump into such dignitaries as Flood and 'Liquid' drummer Monti. Notable incidents included yours truly falling over the P.A. and Hep walking into a mirrored wall. The reason? She thought it was another part of the bar that she hadn't explored yet ;-) I'm afraid we were very, very drunk........

From: Jon Nensén
E-mail: zthee@hotmail.com

A lot of synth music seems to be inspired by cyberpunk (Frontline Assembly, Front 242, Nine Inch Nails and a lot of industrial bands too). Have you read any cyberpunk writers like William Gibson or Bruce Sterling? If so, what do you think about them? Are their visions of the future ok to you and do you feel inspired by them?

No I haven't read any of this stuff - call me old fashioned.

From: Steph
E-mail: 2tone007@n2.net

Have you ever met Dave or Roger (when he was alive) from Pink Floyd?

I met Dave briefly in New York - he was a gentleman. Never met Roger. I also seem to recall meeting a couple of the band during a big aftershow party following their appearance at Earls Court a few years ago. Incidentally, that's the same place that Daryl and I were told to be quiet by Queen's Brian May - he threw a wobbler because we were talking during 'Meddle' but then had to apologise profusely when his spotty young son wanted my autograph ;-)

You're smart to expose Paris to Nyman - what is your favourite of his work? I am partial to 'The Piano' soundtrack. I can't listen to him without being transported somewhere else in the universe. Has he influenced you in any way? Do you see any similarities in your respective styles?

I didn't think 'The Piano' was very good. I hated the film too. I prefer 'A Zed And Two Noughts'. I suppose there is some influence - listen to 'Little 15'.

From: Trishia Shepherd

I know you went to see Numan earlier in the year at the Forum - any chance you will be going to Manchester next month?

No, Gary asked us but we've got to stay in that night and check that the dishwasher's functioning properly. We're seeing him this Wednesday (27th) though - going to see a comedy show with Graham Fellows called 'Brian Appleton's History of Rock 'n' Roll' (Anyone remember Jilted John - 'Gordon Is A Moron'?).

From: Anna
E-mail: favdarkness@home.com

What do you think of Marilyn Manson and his album 'Mechanical Animals'?

Er, isn't his real name Brian or something?

Do you think what he says about "corruption, misuse of God, false belief.." is true or is it all bullshit?

No idea. Don't know what he's said but I don't find it too easy to take anyone called Brian seriously.

Would you agree that Manson is having a "bad influence"? I'm not a big Manson fan or anything, I just liked his latest album and everyone I know freaked out at me saying "Oh my God! He's evil!..." and shit like that. So I'm just curious.

I haven't heard any of Brian's LP's or read any of his comments but I have heard the singles and seen the videos on MTV. Glam rock's ok but don't take it seriously - that's not the point.

From: Ravenous
E-mail: ravenangl@yahoo.com

Charlie, how keen are you on Led Zeppelin? Do you even fancy them?

They're a bit craggy these days - Bobby Planet does bear an unnerving resemblance to the camel from the cigarette packet - but I liked them in their hey day. Best tracks - 'Kashmir', 'Trampled Under Foot'.

From: Audrey Pittman
E-mail: APittman@visa1.net

I received a promotional CD from a record store and it's called 'Emotional Ambience Intelligent Drum 'N' Bass'. On this CD to my great surprise is a track from Recoil called The Bridge. How do you plead? Is the new Recoil album going to have a lot of drum 'n' bass sounding tracks on it?

From: Pierre Ghorbanian
E-mail: pghorban@uoguelph.ca

I found a supposed Recoil track on CDNOW.COM - it's called 'Velocity 9' and it's taken from 'VA-Beats From The Streets : Jump Up Drum N' Bass-Funk'. I am making the assumption that this isn't a Recoil track. If not, I'm sure your lawyers would like to know about this!

You're right - neither of these are Recoil tracks. I read a review of some 'Recoil' track in a magazine a couple of years ago and alerted Mute that there was another group/artist with the same name. I didn't get a response but I've not heard anything else since so I don't know if they still exist.

From: Diggins
E-mail: raydo@gateway.net

Have you ever heard of a band called The Jam (they were big in the late 70's and early 80's) because I was reading the quotes in the '81-85' CD booklet and I noticed that one of the guys names was Paul Weller who was the frontman for the band. To help you get a good idea of what they sing, here are the names of a few songs: Town called mallace, That's Entertainment......

Thanks for clueing me in Diggins. I'd gone underground at that time and was so busy eatin' trifles that they must have passed me by. 'Town Called Mallace'.... are you sure?

From: Trishia Shepherd
E-mail: p.m.shepherd@livjm.ac.uk

Thanks for answering my question re: Numan at the Forum. No, I didn't get to this gig but one of my friends went and said she saw you - I have never been able to determine whether she was taking the piss or not! So, was Numan's sound as bad as the fans are making out on the Forum?

Well, I was right up at the back of the venue and although the sound was harsh and a little unclear in some places, I thought the energy of the music and Gary's performance, more than made up for it.

From: Francisco Jose Gamiz Sarria
E-mail: gamiz@esi.us.es

I was reading last month's Q +A, when I found this:

Have you heard 'Songs In The Key Of X'? I think that he has achieved a very personal vocal style, and as with KD Lang, he can make great songs when he is provided with the right music.

Who's he?

It seems that you did some overcutting & pasting, removing the name of the singer, Elvis Costello.

Ah, right. Sorry about that. I think Costello is an accomplished songwriter and some of his work over the years I have liked - 'Pills and Soap' for example. I'm not much of a fan of his voice however, especially when he attempts to sing difficult Burt Baccarach songs in registers which are clearly too high for him.

From: Emily Edson
E-mail: mceiseje@hotmail.com

Do you like N' Sync, 98 Degrees or the Backstreet Boys? Which group is your favourite? Who do you think is the cutest Backstreet Boy? I like Howie, but Nick is a turd!

I liked the one from East 17 who used to wear the hats...."when da funder caws you..." It must be great to be in a boy band nowadays. I wish I was still on the road with DM so we could come off stage and be handed those big fluffy robes that seem to be all the rage - not to mention the fact that they obviously give one greater 'pulling' power. I mean, in their video Boyzone are wearing them when they get off their private jet and they're met by 10,000 screaming girls......tell me, is that really attractive? For those of you who ever got backstage after a Mode show, would you really have wanted to meet us dressed in dressing gowns and slippers? Call me old fashioned. I don't understand. And why do the singers in these bands, all sound like they've got a clothes peg attached to their noses?

From: Andi
E-mail: andicam@t-online.de

In an interview I heard that Bloodhound Gang are big fans of DM and they tried to work with you in 1993 or something. What are your memories of this and did you ever listen to their music?

From: Hardy G
E-mail: hardyg@debitel.net

I just read an interview with the singer of the Bloodhound Gang, Jimmy Pop Ali. He said that whenever his band was about to release a new single in Europe, he asked you to produce a remix of it, since he's a fan of DM and you, but you've always declined his offer, saying you were too busy. He said you even turned down the $30,000 he offered you the last time he asked. Any truth to that? Would you do a remix for them if you had the time or do you (strangely enough) not find it appealing to remix songs like 'Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny'?

It's true that they have asked me a couple of times although nobody has ever mentioned $30,000 to me. Problem is, I'm not really in the remix game. It has to be something extra special to get me interested and I don't like the idea of just churning stuff out quickly for the bucks. If I do something, I do it properly. I also prefer to work on music from beginning to end, not re-interpret something that's finished for a dance club. I just don't find remixing very fulfilling.

From: Martin Birke
E-mail: casualtypark@netscape.net

Have you heard Talvin Singh's CD 'OK' ?


You've said you're not a big fan of David Sylvian but surely you've heard Japan's final album 'Tin Drum' from '81 ? This is still one of the most original and exciting pop albums of the 20th century.....yes? No?

Yes, I liked 'Tin Drum' a lot at the time. Haven't heard it for years.

Who do you venture out to see play live?

Neither Hep or I particularly enjoy live shows - we go along for the aftershow hospitality ;-) The last gig we saw was Gary Numan because he invited us.

From: Fox Puppy
E-mail: foxpuppy@yahoo.com

I don't know if you're familiar with Vocalist Chris Connelly but he is a VERY good singer....I mentioned your project to him in a recent post to which he replied:

"Yes, I would like to work with the Depeche mode guy. Can you put me in touch?"

You can find out more about him at www.chrisconnelly.com. I may just be assuming that you don't know him, but if you don't, check it out...

Thanks, I'll check it out.

From: Jason Seals
E-mail: Spirit2575@aol.com

Have you ever heard of a band called Towering Inferno? If so, what do you think?

No I haven't.

From: Trishia Shepherd
E-mail: p.m.shepherd@livjm.ac.uk

Alan & Hep

Did you go to the Numan concert on 12 June at the Forum?

Yes, did you?

From: Morgan Williams
E-mail: mwillia1@gonzaga.edu

In a past Q+ A, you mentioned that you have a soft spot for 'Are Friends Electric?' by Gary Numan. Have you heard the recent cover of this song by Kurt Harland of Information Society (another artist devoted to contact with his fans)?

No, 'fraid not. I saw Gazza do it last week and you can't beat the original.

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