Recoil artwork by Intro
“Intro, an adventure in modern design”, states the, erm, intro to Intro’s website. Their mission statement. After explaining what they do (everything from TV commercials, title sequences and music-promos, to designing web sites and CD ROMs), they write: 'The unifying factor in all these activities is a reverence for design and commitment to reasserting the supremacy of aesthetics in modern communications. They continue: “we direct and edit film; we design sound; we compose music; we create interactive design and programming; we design for print and we design for on- screen. We write; we talk; we forge partnerships with clients from all over the world and we declare war on the dull and the dismal."
Stalker / Missing Piece artwork
Sounds promising, especially if you’re Recoil and you’ve just commisioned them to produce an entire art campaign for your latest release! Adrian Shaughnessy (Creative director) and Julian House (designer) came up with these award winning designs for ‘Unsound Methods’ with photography by Merton Gauster
Unsound Methods - cd artwork

DESIGN WEEK - August 1997


What image does the CD title ‘Unsound Methods’ conjure up for you? Whatever the answer, it probably isn't medical equipment. But this is the theme Intro designer Julian House has adopted for the new CD, album and single cover for the latest recording by Mute Records' artist Recoil, arguing that the title suggests medical paraphernalia which has fallen into the wrong hands.

Design Week
House brought in photography duo Merton Gauster to shoot an array of kit, including hypodermic syringes, forceps, artificial limbs and 'robotic appendages', using props from Film Medical Hire Centre. He chose Jules Merton and Eric Gauster, having worked with them on the Can album, also for Mute. 'They do nice still life stuff and use illuminated boxes,' he says. The Recoil covers are based around an X-ray viewing box
So keen was House on the medical theme that he had his own joints X-rayed at Guys Hospital in London, and featured them on the CD cover. Different filters have been used to create “some richness” because Recoil founder Alan Wilder, formerly with Depeche Mode, didn't want it to be “cold”. The CD single features petri dishes.

Cover typography is restricted to a small 'tag' in the top left-hand corner. This was shot as part of the overall imagery and apes a conventional X-ray tag.
Unsound Methods tag
Whatever audience Recoil attracts when the single and album are released in October, it's bound to be a hit with Damien Hirst.

Unsound Methods artwork