Morvan Boury - Labels, France

By late December '97, 61% of sales had been achieved through Fnac, 9% through Virgin Megastore and 22% through indie record shops. It's only a guess, but I think sales have been achieved half with DM fans and half with new people. Reviews have been very positive about the quality of the songwriting and of the production.
Ineke Daans - P.I.A.S., Belgium

'Drifting' was play-listed at La Première (important national French speaking radio for 7 (!) weeks. Good air play on Radio 21 (national French-speaking pop radio) + live interview when Alan was over for promotion - this producer couldn't get it on the play list but programmed it so heavily that it was played as often as the others on the list. Additional airplay on Studio Brussels (national Dutch-speaking pop radio) and Radio 1. We also had some really nice press articles.

The producer of Radio 21 also hosts a TV program on national RTL (Sunday afternoon) called 'Cyberkaffee' - it's a program on music / film / media / fashion etc. which broadcasts on TV, radio and via the internet. In his show he talked about the project, showed the video for 'Drifting' and the next week he showed the EPK!
Fredrick Rundqvist - MNW, Sweden

We've had almost nothing but top reviews and impressive articles published from late October to January. The competition between releases has been massive this fall and Recoil has suffered from it. On the other hand, Recoil is still selling and I think that we are slowly rebuilding a fan base. The promotion done by Alan in Sweden was very helpful and also very effective and included:

Release Magazine - Cover and lead article (also top review of album).
Muskier Magasinet - Lead article.
POP Magazine - Top review! Stereo Magazine - Top review!

P3 national radio - 30 minute special aired on release day of album. They played 'Drifting' a lot in their evening and night shows. Album got a good review. Kampus 103 radio - 1 hour special on Wilder, not just Recoil. Playlisted 'Drifting' for 2 weeks.
Ulrik Hjulmand - MNW, Denmark

Our starting point for promotion of 'Unsound Methods' has been that this record isn't that difficult for 'normal' people to approach. We will be attempting to reach radio with the next single 'Stalker' and if we succeed, this will hopefully re-launch the album and generate some more sales. We are also supporting a huge contest with the biggest Youth Magazine 'Chili' (2 page feature).

Album reviews included: Gaffa Magazine (4 out of 6), Zoo Magazine (4 out of 6), Jam Magazine (5 out of 6), B.T. (5 out of 6) and Ekstra Bladet (4 out of 6)

Interviews (including photos) and good reviews appeared in the daily papers and National P3 Radio ran an hour special. National TV2 (PULS) aired an eighties special where they showed the video and actually had it in rotation for two weeks.
Niels Aalbert - P.I.A.S., Holland

Amongst other press, we've had some additional air play of the 2 singles on VPRO (daytime national radio) and additional reviews in WATT & Opscene magazine and GPD, a joint venture between several large regional dailies. The 12" has been reviewed in Basic Groove and Update, 2 Dutch first dance magazines.
Heidi Chen - S.E. Asia

Because of economic turmoil in S.E. Asia, the album has only been released (so far) in the territories where it was felt there would be a stronger market reaction.

In HONG KONG, the album seems to have been purchased mostly by Depeche Mode fans. The 'Drifting' video was banned during daytime hours and shown only late at night.

In SINGAPORE, press included radio interviews and 'phoners. General reaction has been that the music appeals to a more focused audience. Best sales came through major chain stores such as Tower and HMV.
Seiichi Watanabe - Toshiba / EMI, Japan

Japan released 'Unsound Methods' on 21st January 1998. No plan for single releases. So far reactions are a little slow, but many people from magazines are aware of Alan.
Anne Berning - Intercord, Germany

The mail out of advance copies of the current Recoil album resulted in surprising interest in the album not only among the dark wave / electronic music magazines but also the more mainstream publications (Spex, Musikexpress, WOM-Journal, various listing mags).

The result of the 2 day promotion was coverage in the following magazines:

Cover story: New Life (Dec / January edition).

Features: Orkus, Zillo, Visions, Intro, Neurostyle , WOM, Bodystyler, E-lectric, Reflection.

Reviews: WOM Journal, Spex, Musikexpress, Fritz, Dresdner, Re-flextion, Neurostyle, Flyer, New Life, Visions, Orkus, Intro, GDM aktiv, Undersound Mag, Bodystyler, Sax and many more smaller publications and dailies.

'Drifting', despite not getting massive daytime radio play, had very good reactions from the more specialised, young radio stations like WDR L1VE in Cologne and Radio Fritz in Berlin (# 54 in the annual Radio Fritz album charts Top 100! and was featured over an entire week before Christmas with a long feature and a competition that allegedly had a very good response). The sales for the single were very good.

Most reviewers expressed a high respect for the uniqueness of the music and the quality of the album production. Although most reviews certainly mentioned his membership in Depeche Mode, almost all of them came to the conclusion that Alan Wilder is a very interesting and promising musician in his own right and Recoil is a project to watch out for and not just a low profile follow up to Depeche Mode.

"In my opinion, 'Unsound Methods' did a brilliant job of manoeuvring Alan's profile away from that of an 'ex-Depeche Mode member' and towards a reputation of being an excellent musician and producer in his own right."

The reviews and press were all excellent although not unusually, airplay was difficult to come by with the exception of Rock FM Athens and Milos Radio in Thessaloniki.

(We do in fact have a few Greek reviews - unfortunately neither of us studied Classics at school so a translation is out of the question! )

The album has been released in this territory but we have not, as yet, received any reviews or features.
South Africa

'Unsound Methods' has only just been released in South Africa. Alan has done some press including a radio interview with Michelle Constant for 5FM National Radio and an interview with Jason Curtis. It is due to be published in 2 magazines although we do not have exact details at this time.