Recoil, as with the rest of Mute's catalogue, is licensed to various record labels throughout Europe who are responsible for their own territories' marketing and promotion. The summaries that follow relate to the 1st single 'Drifting' and the album 'Unsound Methods'
Thanks to a thriving dance scene in the UK, targeting DJ’s and clubs is an important part of album promotion. Support from this area can be an especially useful marketing tool for a project like Recoil, which, even if too left-field for mainstream radio, can still enjoy substantial airplay in more selective arenas.
Select Out for an amalgamation of 6 months of Out Promotions reports detailing the tactics and subsequent results of Recoil releases at radio and TV in the UK. Whilst personal reports from producers have been encouraging, the over-riding reaction was that Recoil would have difficulty appealing to a top 40 audience.