RECOIL - 'Unsound Methods'

Interim Report - 29 / 10 / 97

Following the success of the album sampler worked by Wild to the alternative / college sector, copies of 'Unsound Methods' also seem to be performing well at this stage in the campaign. 92% of those targeted have responded with positive scores, including a massive 42% who have awarded top marks of 5 / 5.

"A wonderful mix of the underworld and future of street cred. A right winner!" Bedford DJ.

"This is great - I'm really enjoying the album - very dark." Birmingham DJ.

"An album of diversity, breadth and total uncompromising confidence." Cheltenham DJ.

Although, as we realised - this is not peak-time dance floor fodder, we have had a number of DJs saying that their crowds have reacted well to tracks from the album with over 80% reporting back interest from the dance floors, including 17% who said that loads of people were up!
The single, 'Drifting', has received the most support from DJs, with 18% marking this as their favourite track, while Incubus' and 'Luscious Apparatus' are also popular, gaining 15% of the vote, with 'Control Freak' on 12%. All these tracks are being played alongside 'Stalker' and 'Shunt'.

DJs are clearly supporting this material from Recoil: 95% are including tracks from the album in their sets and while the majority - 68% - prefer to use the CD during the warm-up period or at the end of the night, 18% have said they are using it in peak time to a good response and 9% are playing it all the time!

Student radio stations also seem impressed with the album - so far 80% have returned a positive score on 'Unsound Methods' which is gaining a good amount of specialist plays.

"Like this a lot; unusual and interesting - very dark feel to it. Nice chill out music." Leeds DJ.

RECOIL - 'Stalker'

Alternative club & college promotions update - 5 / 2 / 98

This second release from the current Recoil album - 'Stalker' - has been targeted by Wild to our indie DJs; focusing particularly on those who have shown a previous interest in the music and has so far been received enthusiastically by 83%, while over a third have awarded full marks.

"Extraordinary stuff. Very well written with pleasing tunes." Leicester DJ.

"Shame this lot haven't got bigger because I think they're great. Brilliant and scary." London DJ.

"Blew me away." Nottingham DJ.

Those DJs who haven't responded well say that this just isn't really their thing, although this in no way detracts from it's positive qualities;

"Very interesting, very arty, very cinematic - good for a film score - but not the sort of thing I'd buy. One for Depeche Mode obsessives." Reading DJ

Of the tracks included on the CD, the title 'Stalker' is currently favoured by 60% of DJs although a quarter have said that they like 'Missing Piece / Night Dissolves':

"Brilliant and really scary, especially the first track. Exciting stuff." Sheffield DJ.

"This moody chiller has a unique presence that grinds through you. The other two tracks wrap up a rounded and excellent CD." Reading DJ.

Although this may not be peak-time dance floor fodder, 73% of DJs are including Recoil in their sets, with the vast majority choosing to play tracks from the CD early on in the evening or during the warm-up period.

At this stage, college radio has also reacted well to 'Stalker'. 72% have given it positive scores of 3 / 5 or above with plays from 93%, including over 10% who say they have playlisted it.

"I prefer 'Missing Piece', which is great. That's the one we're playing." Purple DJ (Durham).