Intro cleans-up at CADS 2001

It was a good night for Intro at this year's CADS, the music industry design awards ceremony. CADS rewards excellence in design and video production for the record industry.

The team, who were responsible for the last two Recoil LP sleeves, won enough statuettes to fill a mantelpiece, including the award for Best Design Team. The 'Best Design Team' category is voted for by music industry professionals and other designers.

Here's a copy of an e-mail we received from Daniel Miller, Head of Mute Records:

"I'm delighted and proud to announce that Intro / Mute have won the following at the Music Week Creative and Design Awards:

BEST ALBUM SLEEVE for DM 'Singles 86-98
BEST SERIES OF SLEEVES for DM 'Singles 86-98'

The team was also short listed for BEST SPECIAL PACKAGING for the DM 'Singles 86-98' promo box. As always the competition was very tough this year (Massive Attack, Unkle etc...) and I'm sure you will join me in congratulating all those involved for their vision and hard work. This is particularly exciting as it is the second year running that the Mute / Intro team have won BEST ALBUM SLEEVE, last years honours going to CAN for 'Sacrilege'."

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