Below is a list of general music web sites that have either interviewed Alan recently or have at least published a review of 'Liquid'. Some also offer up competitions to win copies of the album amongst other special purchase deals.
Black Box interview An interview conducted with Oliver Thiede in 2001 - posted in German and English.

Imdp interview An interview conducted for 'Bon Appétit, Messieurs!' - with Vincent Laufer. In French only.

Recoiler Q+A Alan also conducted a short Q+A session for this Russian site.

Bud Productions An article and interview focusing on the 'Jezebel' release. There is also an opportunity to win some Recoil prizes.

Missing Piece This Polish site recently posted 2 new interviews with Recoil collaborators Samantha Coerbell and Nicole Blackman.

Allmusic.com A review of 'Liquid' by Don Kline

budproductions.com Aninterview with Alan has been posted.

Docrock A video/audio interview with Alan has been posted.

RollingStone.com The 'Strange Hours' video has been added here. You can also give it your rating.

Textundton.com A German feature written by Daniela Lehmann + interview with Alan.

Studentmagzine.com LP review by Steven Wilson-Beales.

Sonicnet LP review by Tony Fletcher. The 'Liquid' EPK has also been posted here.

CDNow Feature by Steve Holtje.

CMJ - new music report 'Liquid' LP review by Deborah Orr.

Gaesteliste.de Extensive feature + audio download (in German).

Student 24-7 Another interview with Alan.

Unbarred 'Liquid' LP review by Stephen Chapman.

Music365 'Liquid' LP review by Dominic Wills.

Choler Magazine Full exclusive interview,'Liquid' LP review by Sean Flinn plus webcast.

MTV.com 'Liquid' LP review by Bryan Reesman.

CDNow 'Liquid' LP review by Steve Holtje.

Tandem News 'Liquid' LP review from Canada.

Freebase.com 'Liquid' LP review.

Vanguard Online An exclusive interview in English.

Musicinstinct 'Liquid' LP review by Pascal Gerry.

www.spoil.org An exclusive interview in English.

www.Voxonline.com 'Liquid' LP review.

www.Virgin.net 'Liquid' LP review.

Rouze.com 'Liquid' LP review by J.R. Taylor.

Release - online Transcribed in English, a Swedish interview, competition and review.

Groove Another Swedish interview and review (in Swedish only).

www.mucke-und-mehr A German interview.

Frontstage A Frontstage interview with Alan has been posted.

Prospective A Scandinavian site with an album review (in English).

Black Box interview Oliver Thiede's doppleganger German site has an exclusive interview with Alan (in German).

Recoiline Exclusive interview (in French and English) for 3 French websites: Recoiline, Unusual and French Violation.

Geekrock.com A review of 'Liquid' has been posted on the geekrock site.

Barcode An exclusive interview has been included in this UK Electronic/Alternative magazine. The magazine can be ordered on-line or by post.

www.ore.lt Recoil feature on this Lithuanian underground music site.

Mondosonoro.com A review of 'Liquid' (in Spanish) has been posted on this Spanish music site.

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