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A message from the Shunt Staff.

Alan is always pleased to receive letters and demos from fans but at present he is very busy working on the new Recoil LP and will not be replying to fan mail until further notice. You can contact the Shunt Staff at the usual address if you have any general enquiries but messages will not be passed on to Alan (except in special circumstances). Thank you for your patience.

The Shunt Staff


Video update from Alan.

Alan has recorded a short video providing a status update on the recording of the new Recoil LP which is available on YouTube.

Click here to see Alan discuss the progress of the album



Second series of Depeche Mode 5.1 Re-masters now available.

Mute Records has released the second batch of Depeche Mode 5.1 re-masters - 'A Broken Frame', 'Some Great Reward', and 'Songs of Faith and Devotion'.

As with the previous releases each deluxe double disc collector's edition contains the re-mastered stereo album, the new surround mix, all the B-sides from the singles and a specially commissioned 30 minute short film featuring new interviews with band members detailing that period of Depeche Mode's 25 year career. The re-designed 16 page booklet includes original LP artwork, new photos, lyrics and sleeve notes by Daniel Miller.

On 'Some Great Reward' and 'Songs of Faith and Devotion' Alan is again credited as Executive Producer while Kevin Paul handled the 5.1 remastering. Although Alan was not formally a member of Depeche Mode during the 'A Broken Frame' period he makes numerous appearances in the accompanying short film - in both archival footage and newly recorded interviews - due to his involvement in the promotional and live aspects of the album.

The remaining albums recorded with Alan, 'Construction Time Again' and 'Black Celebration', will be released next year.

For more info, and updates on the upcoming releases visit:





Update - Alan returns to the studio. Shunt website redesign.

Alan is currently in his Thin Line studio working on new Recoil material. The project is progressing well although it is unlikely that a release date will be announced this year.

Shunt is undergoing a significant re-design. During this process we will continue to communicate news about Recoil and the new album via the existing site, however some sections may become temporarily unavailable so we ask for your patience during the many changes to come.


Depeche Mode 5.1 Re-masters released on the 3rd of April 2006

Depeche Mode and Mute Records are proud to announce the first release in a series that will see the band's entire album catalogue digitally re-mastered and re-mixed in 5.1 surround sound.

'Music for the Masses' and 'Violator' will be released on the 3rd of April 2006.

Each deluxe double disc collector's edition contains the re-mastered stereo album, the new surround mix, all the B-sides from the singles and a specially commissioned 30 minute short film featuring new interviews with band members detailing that period of Depeche Mode's 25 year career. The re-designed 16 page booklet includes original LP artwork, new photos, lyrics and sleeve notes by Daniel Miller.

Although re-mixed by Kevin Paul, Alan is credited as Executive Producer on both upcoming releases; a role which included advising on mixes and providing comments and feedback during the re-mastering process.

The remaining albums recorded with Alan, 'Construction Time Again', 'Some Great Reward', 'Black Celebration' and 'Songs of Faith and Devotion' will be released later this year.

For more info, and updates on the upcoming releases visit:




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On November 10th, Alan's former band Depeche Mode released the film '101' for the first time ever on DVD coupled with their classic concert 'Live At The Rose Bowl - June 18th 1988' .

Directed by D A Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus and David Dawkins, the DVD package features over 3 hours of footage and includes recent interviews with some band members, Daniel Miller and some of the fans.

1988 was a pivotal year for Depeche Mode. It was during their "Music For the Masses' world tour that the band exploded in the USA. The Rose Bowl concert, which played to over 60,000 people, was the 10lst and last date of the tour and both discs capture a band and their audience at the height of their love affair.

Acclaimed film-maker Pennebaker was best known for his seminal Dylan film 'Don't Look Back' in addition to his work with David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon.

Martin Gore solo LP

Alan's former DM band mate, Martin Gore, released his new album 'Counterfeit (2)' on April 28th.

The album, produced by Andrew Phillpott and Paul Freegard, is the second in Martin's 'Counterfeit' cover version series and the new record sees Gore rework eleven tracks, originally made famous by the likes of Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Kurt Weill, John Lennon, Brian Eno and David Essex.

Martin played a series of European dates to accompany the release.

For more details, visit:


Dave Gahan solo LP

Alan's other former band mate, Dave Gahan, also released a solo album, this time of original songs entitled 'Paper Monsters' on June 2nd.

'Paper Monsters' is Gahan's first solo album and was composed with New York colleague, Knox Chandler. It has been produced by Ken Thomas.

Dave has embarked on a more extensive tour than Martin, which began in June across Europe and then continued on to the States in July and August.

For details of extra added shows, visit:


Hungarian Recoil Parties

Steve Fabian has created an archive for all the Recoil Bashes held in 2002. Select the link below:

Recoil Parties

(Once there, click on the archive banner in the pop-up window, then click on the dates.)

Recoil Bash (no.3) took place on December 28th 2002 with about 200 people in attendance. It included an extensive setlist and video projections.
RECOIL BASH 4 happened on May 6th and was held at 'Suss Fel Nap' in Budapest.

History pages

A new look at Alan's biography has been put together in A-Files. Alan has dug out a few gems from his distant and dubious past and Richard Berry has put together a chronological photo-based piece. Check it out for the visuals even if you've read the story before.

Select the link below to go straight there:


Recoil featured in T-MOBILE advert

Fans in the UK cannot fail to have noticed T-Mobile's TV advertising campaign which was in heavy rotation for 12 weeks. There were two separate films connected by the same theme, both of which feature an instrumental section of the track 'Jezebel'. A version of the ad also ran on Capital radio.

Apparently, T-Mobile have been inundated with enquiries about the music and, once the confusion between Recoil and Röyksopp had been ironed out (Röyksopp were used in a previous campaign), people were able to track us down. Pity they can't find the CD in the shops though.


DVD RELEASE - The Videos 86>98 +

UK Release - 25.11. 2002 (Mute DMDVD2)
US Release - 26.11. 2002 (Reprise 38582-2)

Depeche Mode released 'The Videos 86>98 +', a double DVD deluxe package which includes the original disc 'The Videos 86>98' plus a second featuring almost 90 minutes of unreleased material, including rare videos and interviews from the period.

Directed by Anton Corbijn, D.A. Pennebaker, Brian Griffin, Peter Care, Clive Richardson, Martyn Atkins and Steve Green, Disc 1 contains the films for all 20 singles between the years 86>98 as well as two documentary films.

Disc 2 features extras including the films for 'One Caress', 'Strangelove '88', 'Condemnation (Paris Mix)' and 'But Not Tonight' which was directed by Tamra Davis and taken from the film 'Modern Girls'. The disc also features 3 further EPK documentaries for 'Violator', 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion' and 'Ultra'.

DM wins Q magazine 'Innovation Award'

On October 21st, 2002, Depeche Mode were awarded the inaugural Q Innovation Award, a new award "which recognises creativity, invention and courage in the face of adversity".

Find out more by selecting the link below:

Q Awards

Recoil soundtrack to fashion show...

Following on from the Nom D show last year, another request has been received for the use of Recoil music - this time in a video to accompany the fashion show of designer Andrew MacKenzie (Autumn-Winter 2002-2003 Collection).

Tracks to be included are 'Shunt' and 'Incubus' from the LP 'Unsound Methods'. Other artists scheduled are: Danny Elfman, Diamanda Galás, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Keith Emerson. We'll bring you more details when we get them.

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The most recent Recoil LP, entitled 'Liquid', was released on March 6th 2000 followed by the 'Strange Hours' EP on April 4th. A 2nd single, 'Jezebel', was released in Europe on September 18th.

You can order your copies from the Mute mail bank. Select the logo below to go straight there and order it now.

For full world-wide release details, track listing, audio excerpts, collaborators and all the latest news about the album and singles, please select the link below.

Latest release details

To order 'Liquid' or other Recoil items from the Mute Bank, click on the logo.

There you will receive full instructions on how to order the items you would like from their extensive catalogues.


Want to help promote Recoil?

Take a look at a new promo site for 'Liquid' and find out how you can personally help promote the album. As well as TV and radio info, banner exchanges, review links and mail order, there are also brand new photos and a biography. Recently added are some exclusive 'Liquid' screensavers.
Now available for both PC and Macintosh. Don't forget to regularly check out this page as each time you do, it gains Recoil an extra advert across the net.

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Alle Info's zu Recoil in deutscher Sprache, findet Ihr auf Black Box, der deutschsprachigen Recoil Website. Diese wird von Oliver Thiede geführt und ist von uns autorisiert worden.

Black Box

Ab dem 06.März ist das neue Recoil Album 'Liquid' im Handel und per Mailorder erhältlich. Wenn Ihr Alan Wilder bei der Promotion seiner neuen Platte unterstützen wollt, dann geht bitte auf die deutsche Liquid-Promosite. Dort findet Ihr alle Info´s, wie Ihr helfen könnt.

Deutsche 'Liquid' promo site

Einer der während der vergangenen zwei Jahre am meisten von den Fans geäußerte Wunsch war, über Shunt T-Shirts und andere Merchandising Artikel beziehen zu können. Endlich sind wir in der Lage, dies anbieten zu können und möchten Euch bitten, diese Mail Order Seiten, so originalgetreu wie möglich, auch in Eure Recoil Sites einzubinden. Ihr habt hier exclusiv die Möglichkeit, Alan beim Mailorder-Vertrieb zu helfen. Wie erfahrt Ihr hier:

Mailorder Promotionsite

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'Mixing it' - BBC R3 INTERVIEW
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'Secrets Of The Dead ' - RECOIL TV MUSIC
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