From his very first listen to Martin's demo, Alan was aware of of the potential of 'Never Let Me Down' as a Depeche Mode benchmark. "It also stood out as an obvious single and suggested a 'Stripped'-like feel."

The uplifting and enigmatic lyrics (which to some contained veiled narcotic references) were absolutely in tune with the current mood of the group and espoused an image that could only serve to excite the growing army of fans. Once combined with an equally energetic musical accompaniment, these ambiguities ensured that the track also became an instant anthem for disaffected youth, and since the first live performance on the 'Music For The Masses' tour, it's electric atmosphere has remained a concert favourite. Alan confirms this:

"It has a very definite anthemic quality which is especially demonstrated when the song is performed live and the whole audience wave their hands in unison at the end - a Depeche high-point I think."

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